I Goes Down - This Time, It's Personal (2002)    

stupid earth creatures.
The following emails were sent to me regarding the excessive amount of discussion that has surrounded what would appear to be a 3 1/2 star film:
From: Curtis
To: Bacon

i don't have high speed/sound, but i did my best. i don't know that i have it in me to have a full-blown argument about the movie—partly because i thought it was bad enough that it doesn't deserve a real argument—but if you agree with most of my points anyway, well, then i guess there's no need. okay? good.


From: Kelly
To: Bacon

A point: your lengthy commentary was undeserved by the subject. Please please please get thee to an art house or something like that and see a couple films that are worth the mention. If you can, rent Distant Voices, Still Lives, if you want to be blown over by what a film about a dysfunctional family can be. Then wet your pen and call me. I fear (and label me a snob i don't care) that there is too much chatter about unworthy "films", people are decieved by quirky and soundtracks. Fuck you very much Wes Anderson. Especially ay cold bacon...hardly anyone at the film forum watches decent movies it appears. And then to have to read their comments are under some sort of placebo. Ay.
In fact, this is precisely the film we should be arguing over. Films that are great are not worth talking too much about, unless you want to make them yourself. Their greatness is so obvious that we should just sit around and acknowledge it and ruminate. Films that are really really bad. Those are not worth arguing about either.
But the film which is almost nearly good but has key flaws. This is exactly what we can use to look at questions like why we like and don't like certain movies. The point I am trying to make is actually rooted in one of Eliot's essays about how we are influenced by second more than first tier artists. As to spending my time on other, better movies. What do you think I'm doing when not writing these stupid essays? Don't answer that. And lay off the Absinthe.

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