Dear Visitor,

I am in love, with films. But apparently that isn’t enough. I seem to want you to be in love too (with films). And I will stop—you can see for yourself—at nothing to try to make that happen. In this site you will find a list of what I consider to be great films as well as comments on various films, some new, mostly old. They appear below in the reverse chronological order that I’ve seen them (as with recent ones in theatres), and also alphabetically on a separate page. I don’t actually write reviews because I’m not interested in plot summary and avidly detest giving away too much plot (which can ruin everything). I simply want to provide some thoughts on a given film. It could be too much or it could be not enough analysis, but will certainly never be just right. So please be patient and do not expect too much of me. The idea is to inspire and guide you in the pursuit of greatness in cinema, whatever genre or country or time it may be. Greatness is what we are after.

Yours Affectionately,
- CB      

P.S. Oh, and I'm also a total jerk.