I don't have any other sites, unfortunately -- and if you can believe it, I've never seen Once Upon a Time in the West (though I just added it to my Netflix queue), the only Tarkovsky I've seen is Andrei Rublev, and the only Herzog I've seen is Grizzly Man (although, again, many more are in my queue). 

But just so your email isn't a complete waste: I occasionally do computer work for Lena Herzog, Werner's wife (and an excellent photographer in her own right).  So I've met Werner when I was over there working--and once, he made me espresso.  He was making some for Lena (in one of those Italian stovetop coffeepots) -- and he asked me, "Do you enjoy anything as fiendish as espresso?"  So that's what I can tell you about Herzog--he refers to espresso as "fiendish."