I didn't know you were moving to Boston. Discuss.

The thing is, Godard asks to be taken seriously on the levels I'm taking him on. It's not like watching "Raiders" and saying, it's not ART (which it is, in its way): Goddard very obviously thinks of himself as an artist, as auteur, and when you load your work with all the heavy intellectual firepower he does, it's disingenuous to think it can be criticized as only a visual spectacle.

But i want to discuss it I mean, don't not discuss it. Convince me. Am I wrong? I watch these films solely b/c you tell me to, so it's not like I don't value your opinion.

And I'd be happy to do films. I even have some ideas for short films of my own.

I saw lots of echoes of L'Aventurra in Mepris. The putting on the wig switching from a blonde to brunette, which is the reverse processs of L'A. The lingering shots of the rocks, near Capri. Etc.