The following non-gem was found on not-Roger Ebert's Movie Website:
“From time immemorial, the experience of eating a good meal has been regarded as one of life's most hedonistic pleasures. In a recent survey, more than 50% of Americans indicated they would rather eat a memorable dinner than experience a night of uninhibited sex. Motion pictures, ever reflective of the cultures that spawn them, have always recognized the potential for food-related stories. Recent films like Babette's Feast and Eat Drink Man Woman have sent audiences home sated. Now, there's a new entry on the menu: Big Night, the directorial debut of actors Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott. And, while perhaps not as sumptuous as the previously-mentioned entrees, it's nevertheless a tasty main course.”

  • Have I ever even had uninhibited sex? I'm not sure that I have.Thus, this paragraph has definitely got me to thinking, but not about the movie.

  • I cannot take seriously any review that begins “From time immemorial” or turns to the American public for support citing a “recent survey.” Other crimes include starting a clause with “ever” as in “ever reflective” and calling a film “sumptuous.”

  • On the other hand, I must give credit for “spawn” and “sated.”

  • Back to the previous hand, I must point out that all comparisons between movies and food are to be lamented. [see other examples]

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