Dear Sirs,

Here is my open letter to Anne Taylor Fleming. You can read it here or wait until it comes out later in The New Yorker critics section.

The point here isn't to 'attack' Ms. Fleming or the Newshour or anything like that. I'm quite sure she is a perfectly credentialed essayist, and you're right for having her on the show. My point is simply to awaken your crew to the possibility that some of your 'essayists' may at times be so far off the mark in their analysis that it reflects poorly on the quality of your show. Please don't take this the wrong way. I am a lifelone fan and devotee of the NewsHour. I watch almost every day. It is BECAUSE I love your show that I was forced to write this piece. I think it would be best, however, if in future, all essays about films be first run by me before being aired publicly. I would consider it an honor to perfume this service for you. You can send them to me at this email. Awesome.

Cold Bacon

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