Pill bugs also known as sow bugs, rollie-pollies and often mistakenly called doodlebugs, which is the name reserved for immature ant lions. And besides, I don’t even think they do that anymore. Nowadays, they just keep going.

The Bug Tie

Remember when you were a kid, and bugs were like, really important. Come to think of it, everything was really important when you were a kid. But bugs were definitely near the top. Scarcely a day went by you didn’t think about a snake, a spider—an asp. But there were good bugs too. You used to sit in the dry dirt in the playground and watch ant lions make their little funnels, about the size of a nickel. I think the idea was for an ant to come wandering by and fall in. Oh, and remember when you would poke at a pill bug, and it would curl up into a little ball. And remember whenever someone would spot one of those stink bugs, the whole playground would be in a frenzy. Now, when you think of bugs, you think of roaches, mosquitoes, ants—a termite. Bad bugs. You see them as a nuisance to be either squished, sprayed or ignored. Me too, except I have to admit whenever I see one of those stink bugs, I do still pretty much run screaming.

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