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O my god I'd forgotten. Even his DOG has a mowhawk. What a fucking
even tho his whole team consists of gymnasts who will never see puberty.
The man punches a shark. There is nothing badder than that. He  punches a
shark. seriously.


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Date: Wed, 16 May 2007 08:07:36 +0200

wow. I would have LOVED to be in on the brainstorming session where they
came up with the concept  for that show.....hmmm....(wavy screen...)

"OK, so Mr. T fights crime--"
"And sharks!"
"Right, sure. He can fight sharks."
"And Alligators!"
"Yes, fine, Alligators, too. Let's try to think big picture for now, though,
Greg. We'll figure out the details later."
"Right, right. Sorry. Hey -- how about gymnasts!"
"There should be gymnasts in it! You know, crime-fighting gymnasts."
"Gymnasts, huh? You might be onto something there, Greg. Keep going with
"They could ride in a big bus. And there should be a kid, too."
"A kid -- absolutely. Someone the audience can identify with."
"Can we get Emmanuel Lewis?"
"No, no, Greg -- I said IDENTIFY with, not wish they had for a pet. It has
to be a white kid. Red-haired, mischievous. Equal parts Tom Sawyer and Danny
"Tom who?"
"Never mind. Say, how about a dog with a mohawk?"
"Mr. T punches a dog with a mohawk?"