Crack RC5-72 with the Everything2 team by Apatrix
(2003-01-10 16:34:18)

mkb is recalling the everything2 team to active duty for the RC5-72 contest. This involves donating your otherwise wasted CPU cycles towards a collective brute force attempt at deciphering an encrypted text message.

This is a long-term effort and involves installing a small piece of client software on your system (and that of everyone else who will permit it). This client will sit in the background and run at the lowest priority (this means it will not steal processing time from any other application that needs it or otherwise slow down your system), and use the spare CPU time to process blocks of keys in search of the winning one. The expertise required to participate is minimal and help is readily available.

2003-01-17: The team now has 84 members and has made its way to #35 in terms of daily output. And we can still do a lot better. Come on folks. It's never too late to join (says the one who joined the E2 team after 52 months of working solo). You also get even more cool stats there than you get on E2. This is also a reminder for people with old clients to upgrade to 2.90. Setting earlier versions to 'RC5' will NOT work for the RC5-72 contest.