Celebrity I resemble most: "Have your people call my people."


Okay, but only if they tell me what you did with devilgirl o.


If I could be anywhere at the moment: On a tropical beach mostly naked, soaking in the sun and becoming one with the waves, and listening to my entire music collection.


As my gift just for you, I’ve made a track of ‘your’ entire music collection, for your listening pleasure.  [link to strange loud noise]


First what I'm not looking for: Can't stand stupid, non-spine havin', no initiative takin', can't think for themselves, pussy whipped boys with bad table manners. Don't feed me a line of pretentious blah-za-blah bullshit, get to the point.


In my bedroom, you'll find: someone else. i've been on the lam, traveling for 18 months now.


Okay, you probably won’t put that on your next personal.


Why you should spend money trying to fuck me:


I'm a crazy kind of fun, clever, whitty and I am very much the smart ass. I love to live life on the cusp of the wild side and find pleasure in the smallest things. I'm very particular when it comes to things I want, and when I've set my eyes on something - watchout!! I'm the coolest person you've never met. I have six tatoos. I love to dance my ass off - breaking it down at a club for six hours is soooooo my idea of fourplay. I listen to all sorts of music from classical to punk, from underground hip-hop, to electronica/break-beat etc., from rock/indy rock to r&b/funk, and some bands people hardly know, but not too much country though. My favorite color is pink, always will be. Although now I'm fond of orange, but find myself wearing pink, black and white for the sheer contradiction.1 I'll eat the heck out of some itialian food, just watch me. I like to seduce as well as be seduced (don't mind being teased until my brain flips-out)2. Like to play cards and talk shit while in the game. I like to spoon. I'm the only girl allowed to boyz nite out3 and strip clubs don't scare me. I'm an artist and need to be creative with every breath. I write, paint, sculpt, and transcribe words into pictures. I played the violin, my turn-tables are in the mail, I go to open stages and sing every once in a while. I like to hang out at home and cook a damn good meal then watch a movie, but I also love to go out.4 I'm a concert/music junkie, I'll go to any event, especially if it's cheap or free. Movies are good. I'm not afraid to look stupid bowling/ice skating. I am moving to NYC. (Look out Brooklyn!) I guess anything else you wanna know, just ask me.


Socratic Logic Quiz

1.      cool people have tatoos.

2.   devilgirlq has six tatoos.

3.      devilgirlq is the coolest person I’ve ever met.




1 Except when I’m not taking my medication and then I prefer green but not when it’s raining outside because that’s when I wear red unless I’m wearing white.


2 need to make funny sound effect for brain flipping out.


3 To Boyzing Nite Out – need definition


4 Sometimes I can go in and out at the same time!




Song or album that puts me in the mood – David Bowie

Last great book I read -'The Heartbreaking Work of a Staggering Genius'


I’m conflicted.



I think she’s related to Lee Friedlander.



What the fuck. I’ll take her.














""It's the rhythm of the rain that falls...".."


Most humbling moment

Haven't had a humbling moment, but I will keep you informed. I did hear a basketball coach in an interview, he kept pronouncing humbling without the H. He said I am very umbled to be in the Final Four. That was funny. I better wrap this up before I start rambling.


Matty. Matty, matty, matty…”..”


Note: on like the third time through this, he’s actually kind of growing on me.

















Last great book I read: Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy


See, what the fuck—at first I’m like cool. Then the next thing you see is:


Favorite on-screen sex scene: Pretty Woman at the end when she kisses him..


What the fuck is up with these people? Why can’t they just say the thing I want to hear and not the thing I do not want to hear?


“This summer I'm going to Florida & Vegas, & I think I'm gonna fit in NYC & maybe the West coast.. I need a break from Cleveland...”


You said it sister


















I was like okay, she’s alright. I could get on that.


I am a: woman

Looking for a: woman


Yes you are.


"Some mistakes are just too much fun to do only once!"







I love life and what it has to offer. I am passionate yet compassionate, a complete hedon, open-minded to new ideas, a sucker for a great conversation...I know that I don't know much, but I would love to learn from you.


Someone who isn't afraid of being an individual. I would like to meet someone who has truly lived life...or who isn't afraid of living life. Someone who could stroll in the park with me and talk about nothing and everything. I don't need you to rock my world, but I could rock yours if you would let me.



You are now hearing the sound of my credit card being billed as I sign up for Nerve Personals.  Faster than a speeding imbecile.  This personal is what’s known as a ‘ringer’. This is where the editors at Nerve Personals get together and find some professional model and make up a completely fake personal in order to get men to sign up to Nerve Personals. If you read the rest of her personal, it’s all very well written and obviously crafted to appeal to semi-intelligent males who are not in control of their credit card.


 Last great book I read: Lord of the Rings Trilogy   


Yeah, she was reading it on the bus to the Star Trek convention while her hot lesbian friend shoved chess pieces up her ¾ Asian hooch while quoting Monty Python.


 Best (or worst) lie I've ever told:  When I was in college I missed an exam and could only take it if I had a doctor's note. So I asked my aunt to write me one, saying that I had conjunctivitis (pink eye). I was sent to the dean's office after my professor received the aunt is a gynecologist.


Okay, let’s see if we can guess which Nerve Editor wrote this one:



Rufus Griscom,

Rufus left his reliable salary and position as an editor and director of new media at Cader Books, a publisher of bestselling humor and entertainment titles, in order to co-found Nerve in 1997 with Genevieve Field.
     Before working at Cader, he was managing editor for two years at August House, a publisher of contemporary storytelling and folklore. Earlier still, he was book review editor at The Free Press in Little Rock, Arkansas. His writing has appeared in Publishers Weekly, The Baltimore Sun and The Wall Street Journal, among other places. He graduated from Brown University in 1991.

Michael Martin

Michael, a New York native, was raised in Kansas and educated in the town where William S. Burroughs and Neil LaBute once resided. It has yet to rub off. He was previously a senior editor at Gear, where he oversaw the magazine's pop-culture coverage. He has written for Arena, Dutch, Paper and The New York Observer.

Grant Stoddard

Grant Stoddard
Senior Associate Editor

What Grant lacks in literary finesse, he more than makes up for with a formidable arsenal of catchphrases, euphemisms and double-entendre. Grant graduated from Thames Valley University, London in 1998. He turned his hand to rock stardom, bus driving, fraud management and drilling holes into small bits of metal, before arriving at Nerve in 2001.

Carrie Hill Wilner
Assistant Editor / Customer
Service Supervisor

is a Manhattanite by birth and breeding.
Her turn-ons include sunsets, slow-dancing, a man who respects his mother, and customer service.
Her turn-offs include arrogance, lying, bad breath, and non-verbal expressions of irony.

Intern(et) Porn

 contributing editors

Emma Taylor

Emma Taylor
Contributing Editor

Emma is the former senior editor at, an online community based in Williamstown, MA, where she created Tripod's Women's Room (one of the founding sites of Emma traded in good country living and her own bar stool for the chance to build an online community for thoughtful hedonists everywhere. Before Tripod, she was a Jersey girl for six years, which cured any prudery sixteen years in England may have engendered. She graduated from Princeton University in 1995.

Yes, I Use Condoms (And Other Lies I've Told), Are You There God? It's Me, Emma, Tops & Bottoms, Getting Personals, Horoscopes: Your Week in Sex, The Em & Lo Down: Advice from Near-Experts

Lorelei Sharkey

Lorelei Sharkey
Contributing Editor

After graduating from Colgate University, Lorelei became a managing editor at Stuff Magazine (a small literary/arts mag, not that lame men's rag), an occasional freelance writer for the Boston Phoenix and associate editor of the humor biweekly, The Weekly Week. She left the meat-headed charms of urban New England to join Nerve in her hometown of NYC back in 1998. Some of Lorelei's specific qualifications for residency here at Nerve include early-'80s short stories inspired by the "good parts" of secretly-bought romance novels and an eleventh-grade English term paper on Lady Chatterly's Lover.

Puppy Lust, Have You Seen This Girl?, Scrambled Eggs, Smut for Chicks, Not the Pin-Up We Played Her For: An Interview with Bettie Page, The Em & Lo Down: Advice from Near-Experts

Sam Apple

Sam Apple
Contributing Editor

Sam Apple has written for The New York Times,, The Jerusalem Report, the Forward and The New York Sun. In his spare time he is writing a book on a wandering shepherd who also happens to be a Yiddish folksinger. From 1998-2000, Apple edited New Voices, a kick-ass national magazine for Jewish college students. Before that he spent nine seasons as a back-up center for the Houston Rockets, averaging 8 points and 6 boards a game.

Virginia Conesa
Photo Editor at Large

Virginia has worked in the photo department of Esquire and, before coming to Nerve, was photo editor of Gear. Her photography has been published in Nylon, Trace, Paper and Icon. She received a B.A. from Cal State University at Fullerton and completed a course of study at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.



Answer: Who knows. Could be any of ‘em.  They all look guilty to me.



"waiting for nothing"


I am a: woman

Looking for a: man

Interested In: Friendship, Dating

Age: 22

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Country: United States

Area Code: 504

Occupation: coffee maker/musician

Education: College

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Religion: Agnostic

Star Sign: Libra

Relationship Status: Single

Years Until Release: 8


 If I could be anywhere at the moment: In some moss by the water.


Baby, you could say, ‘in a can of Corsican sardines’ for all I care. When do we seal the deal? 


 In my bedroom, you'll find: Various musical instruments, milk crates of books, a window, a few planets, their moons.


This is one of those personals that tests your ability to comprehend why—why on God’s green earth is this person on Nerve Personals?  And frankly, I don’t have an answer for that. 




Someone to bring me pianos and planets. And the occasional cup of coffee.


Yeah, in jail, where you obviously are since that’s the only place you could be where you would need to have an ad on Nerve Personals.  Anyway which one? I’ll be there as fast as I can.


If I could be anywhere at the moment: "Austin, TX. Neat cosmos of strangely blended progressiveness and conservativeness."




- Born and raised in Tokyo.
- Classically trained composer up to mid 20s. Attended super prestigious conservatory in Tokyo.
- Came to NY five years ago.
- Grad student studying technology/art hybrid - programming, interface development, digital audio/video, all that kind of stuff.
- Cinephile. Ultimate goal is to become a filmmaker.
- Since the night I met two female b-ball players from my college team at a dinning hall, big supporter and fanatic fan of women's sports. Pro Title IX.
- I'm funny, too.



Chemistry - instant, right, and everlasting.


Oh my.  There’s just too much. I’ll deal with you later.



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