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Jul 19, 2007

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Gender: Female
Age: 29
City: north kingstown
State: Rhode Island



Tuesday, June 12, 2007


i'm a little embarrassed confessing this, but it leads to a funny story...
Current mood: fuck you and your cat

why do they have a category selection? damn it. i am not catagorizable!!!
(hence the mood, which i totally snaked from a goldfinger song).


i was a little tired of bowling by myself on sundays. so, i posted a craig's list ad to see if anyone would want to join me. i was actually surprised at the number of people who responded.

here's the thread i wanted to share with you:

me: Hi, I'm looking for someone to bowl with on Sunday night. If you don't mind tossing back a few, are at least slightly competitive, and have a dash of humor... then you're just who I'm looking for. Hope to hear from you!
[it's a totally stupid ad; i can't believe anyone would respond to that crap.]

eric: picture available?
[eloquent. don't you have anything else to say?]

me: Eric, Thanks for the interest, but I'm just looking for a friend to bowl with, not someone who thinks I'm cute.
[which is why it was posted under platonic, not desperate. {ben, stop laughing. seriously. this is not the funny part... i hate you.}]

eric: So where did you go?
[owh wowr. could you be more vague? and less interesting?]

me: well... i just got back from the bathroom. had to take a monster shit.

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Joe Purdy
By Joe Purdy

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