Dear Sue,


I hope this letter finds you well and that youíve been able to get some sleep of late. I wanted you to know how glad I am that you survived the mauling. Of course you will say, ďOh donít worry about meĒ and ďIím sure Iíll be mauled worse than that some day,Ē which is good of you to say. I want you to know I canít help but feel some regret over the whole thing. Like there was something I could have done. Something to prevent it. Perhaps if I had not locked you outside of the cabin like that. I hope you understand it was nothing against you. It was more, I just did not want anything to happen to me. Perhaps I acted brashly. But think of the bright side. You were so brave. You fought so well. I was truly impressed with your determination. It was really an inspiration, at least for the first few minutes.


When you are feeling better, I look forward to hearing from you. Maybe we could even go on a hike or camping trip together. When you can walk. I would really like that. I am thinking of you always.


Your Friend,