the problem with a lot of new wave and even antonioni is that content
is less important -- just a prop, an excuse -- for form.  I love
formal stuff, but that doesn't make a good film.  it makes good

but your way of watching scenes is fine then.  Fine.


But watching bits is good and good advice -- though it forces you to
own many more movies than I do.  But soon you'll get your DVD burning
abilities, and all will change.  Actually, I need to look into these
blank cheap DVDs -- maybe I can do it myself.

Please don't send me your receipts/confirmations from amazon.


Here's what I think, provisionally -- yes, yes.  It's great.  I
watched the first hour and then decided I wanted to stop and hear the
commentary on what I'd already seen, and went back over the first 30
minutes with him talking.


I'm still really into it.  The question is, how often would you
choose to watch it?  I don't know.  I don't.  These are my inchoate