What have I got against action movies?


The main point of the preceding argument was to offer a rationale or license to turn off the TV and not feel obligated to continue watching something if for some reason or another you would prefer to do it over time. I believe with many, typically longer and slower films, there are advantages in breaking up the viewing experience over time. But this is not to say one way is definitely better than another.


On the flip side, I would hardly tell someone they had to stop watching a film if they wanted to continue on without pause. Films which grab you and do not let go can speak for themselves. For example, anyone who can stop watching in the middle of Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars is an unusual sort of person and clearly outside the reigns of these discussions. The reason I even bother with the one-sitting category at all is precisely to be able to mention a film like Seven Samurai. Because there are in fact, on rare occasion, films of tremendous length, which actually do fit the mold and can sustain the pace for a longer than usual duration. Perhaps Miyazaki films also fall in this category.


My point is that I simply wish to alert people to the fact that if they do begin such films, they may be committing themselves to a two or more hour sitting, over which they will have no bodily power to interrupt. Itís more a warning than any kind of suggestion.




April 2008