The scientific theory (which weíve all heard at least once and which we totally remember because itís so profound) is that the mere act of observing something (anything!) changes it. Just looking at molecules under a microscope changes them! DudeÖ? Yeah. Anyway but what about a sporting event? A concert? Why would watching it on YouTube change it? Ah, but it does!


Just knowing something, letís say a music concert, is being recorded changes the experience itself! And you do know itís being recorded. Because you can see the guy over there with the camera? See him? Yeah. Well, now you wonít take your bra off anymore. Because someday you might want to run for first-lady. And of course the band will play differently, without your bra. In fact, the whole mood is different. Everything is different now. Because of your ambition. You bitch. +1 for science.