The following piece is just a stub. That means I am too lazy to actually shape it into a coherent mini-essay. Instead I will just leave it as an email in the hope that someday I will see it here and become annoyed and motivated to make an essay out of it. That essay will still be of little use and not make me famous. Oh well.


>we talk about style being more important than content

>i have this thing where i feel i only need to read like 10-20 pages of something

>and then i can just put it down

>that the rest of the story is not the point - that really - itís the style that

>conveys the authorís insight/tone/vision etc etc

>that you can grasp it Ė and from that point on youíre just repeating your experience

>like you donít have to eat the whole pizza - just 2 pieces - and youíve pretty much got

>the pizza experience

>now some would say the pizza experience includes indigestion and heartburn

>fair enough

>but still

>so i want to write an essay which speaks of the form of the essay

>here is what Iím thinking

>i think the difference between truly creative satire and everyday satire is - aside from

>just the quality of writing and words - the ability to remove the satired concepts one step

>away from the obvious - so that you donít even necessarily know what is being satired Ė

>but rather - you just sort of have the sense that something is being satired Ė then it

>seems more existential or big - or whatever - it just makes it better

>and thatís where so many movies and texts fall short - by simply taking a position - they

>become more mean - and less open ended

>thatís my current 2c anyway

>let me know