Should you go for good looking or good personality? Itís a question youíve asked yourself a million times. Cause you know you canít have both. Thatís for sure. You have to choose. I say try to land the best looking girl you can. Letí face it. Tastes change. What seems like a great personality today may be an annoying bore tomorrow. Whereas good looks can last years. And the decline can often be slow and gradual. Plenty of time to make a graceful exit.


Cologne Ė Not important. If you smell bad itís probably because youíre too excited. You need to relax. Shower regularly. Shower whenever. But cologne is unnecessary and youíre better off spending that money on clothes.


Facial hair Ė Bad. Most girls donít like it and the ones who do have their own weird reasons. Stay away from those women. Exception: Facial hair is fine for professional athletes like David Beckham, because they already have women.


Clothes Ė No specifics. Everyone should conform to the expectations of their peers. The point is to make sure you conform. Look at what you have on. Is it the same as what your friends are wearing? If not then there you have it.


Girls are psycho, letís face it Ė The key is to acknowledge and accept this fact and minimize the damage. Used to be you could make out with a girl and as long as you didnít have sex, it was okay. Nowadays these distinctions are largely irrelevant. If you so much as look at a girl, she will tell all her friends of your mad pursuit. Talk to her, and you may well start sewing on your stalker patch right now. The key is to just not care.