Interview with Rolling Stone Magazine

ROLLING STONE: So, let me ask you what everyoneís been wanting to know, why coldbacon?

COLDBACON: You mean, why not hot bacon? Or just bacon?

ROLLING STONE: Yes, exactly.

COLDBACON: Yeah, everyone always thinks of hot bacon or crispy bacon or something like that, but if you really think about it, itís usually cold by the time you eat it, isnít it? So itís like playing with peopleís notions of reality. And whether itís hot or cold, cooked or not cooked, itís still fundamentally, just bacon. See, we wanted to make people think.

ROLLING STONE: So was already taken?


ROLLING STONE: So how did you guys get started in writing?

COLDBACON: Well, we were all working as janitors at Oxford, and one day, we just were like, ďHey, why should we be doing this bullshit, when we could be, like, changing the world, or something.Ē So we formed a band, but then none of us knew how to play any instruments. So we tried writing, and the rest is history.

ROLLING STONE: TThereís a rumor that you guys like to stuff mice down your pants before you write your humor pieces. Is that true?

COLDBACON: Yes, thatís true. We do do that.

ROLLING STONE: Is it true that you guys are thinking of moving to Tibet?

COLDBACON: Of course we are.

ROLLING STONE: So, have you guys got any plans to actually do any publishing in print.

COLDBACON: Are you kidding? The internetís where itís at.

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