The following are real search strings that were used to access the The Truth About Houston Food.
Apparently, cooking a meatloaf is difficult for some. step by step how too cook meatloaf recipes
…and downright aggravating for others. how to cook a damn meat loaf&x=11&y=16
Like water for chocolate, we're always glad to receive these kinds of visitors at our site. What is it about food and sex? small naked children"naked children" fountain&hl=en&lr=&safe=off Japanese naked children&start=120&sa=N naked belly dancers models&stq=10

And then there's people with their heads screwed on… restaurants suck%22&geo=no&fs=web madeleine bakery bad poor&hc=0&hs=0 on menu&Submit.x=39&Submit.y=11
and others with less upstairs... starbucks scone recipe&SM=MC&DV=0&LG=any&DC=10&DE=2&BT=H frappaccino recipe&hl=en&safe=off's zucchini loaf&hc=0&hs=0
Yes, could I please have the recipe for shit? I was wondering if I could get the recipe for shit.
Blessed are the paranoid, for they shall avoid the earth... %22food poisoning%22&method=0&redirect mushrooms
...and talk about multitasking... in houston&oq=gifts for geneologists&url=ht

Seafood and Socrates? truth about seafood
...more seafood... heads sucking leech%22&kl=XX&stype=stex
Other Socially Minded Queries restaurants of Houston

Is that like restaurants that are painted black on the outside? +guacamole +recipe&hc=0&hs=0

Yeah, I can never find enough of those gay recipes. They're so good!

Note, three distinct people have come in search of the cake from old Mex. Mexican%20Wedding%2 Cake 0&first=11&last=25&next=item&cat
See, we weren't kidding about the famous green sauce. chuy's jalapeno dressing&hc=0&hs=0 green-dipping-sauce&kl=XX&pg=q
...or the mayonnaise.... Hair Treatment&hc=0&hs=0 to make mayonaise&start

What about how to make mayonnaise go away? and Hair
And of course, there's always the people looking for used trucks that don't run? use trucks in houston that does not run for sale trucks for sale in west texas by the owner&first=41&l

The random ones that never cease to delight free stuff at free stuff plaza&first=11&last=25&ne fat bloated people&first=11&last=25&next=item&cat=0&di fish rest
And then, while your fish is resting comfortably, you might want to enjoy Houston's most endangered beverage? latte
And then there's—well, I don't know what to say about this one. on food&hc=0&hs=0

These searches are one grouping. and opions to open up a creole, southern style restaurant?&RS=CHECKED&FO
Yes, well, first, you get on the internet... hands touching food&first=26&last=40&next=item&ca bread bad to eat cream trends&first=71&last=85&next=item&cat=0&diritem= invented spring rolls&hc=0&hs=2 meaning of coffee shop&y=y&e=86164&f=0:2766678:2718086:86164 for flavored chicken&first=11&last=25&next=item&cat=0&d that sound loud and thay are big

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