Canned Soup


Wolfgang Puck Soups Organic Creamy Broccoli (4.5)

Wolfgang Puck Spicy Bean (4.5)

Wolfgang Puck Soups Old Fashioned Potato (4.0)

Wolfgang Puck Soups Organic Split Pea (4.0)

Wolfgang Puck’s Split Pea (4.0)

Wolfgang Puck Tortilla Soup (4.0)

Wolfgang Puck Potato Soup (4.0)

Wolfgang Puck Soups Organic Split Pea (3.0)

Wolfgang Puck French Onion (3.5)

Wolfgang puck Italian style wedding soup (3.5)


Progresso Chickarina (4.5)

Progresso Split Pea (4.0)

Progresso Fat Free Lentil Soup (3.0)
Progresso French Onion Soup (3.0)
Progresso Minestrone (3.0)

Progresso Potato and Ham (with Cheese) (3.0)
Progresso Vegetarian Vegetable with Barley (3.01)
Progresso Bean and Macaroni (2.5)
Progresso Zesty Herb Tomato (2.5)
Progresso Corn Chowder (2.0)
Progresso Beef and Vegetable (3.5)
Progresso New England Clam Chowder (NR)

Progresso Beef Barley (3.5)


Campbell’s Sirloin Burger (4.0)

Campbell’s Potato and Cheese and Chicken and Broccoli (4.0)   
Campbell’s Italian Wedding (4.0)
Campbell’s Steak, Baked Potato and Cheese (4.0)
Campbell’s Honey Roast Chicken With Golden Potatoes (3.5)
Campbell’s Chicken, Broccoli, Cheese and Potato (3.5)
Campbell’s Southwestern Style Corn Chowder (3.5)
Campbell’s Select Chicken Rice (3.5)

Campbell’s HC Vegetable Beef (3.0)
Campbell’s Tomato Ravioli with Vegetable (3.0)
Campbell’s Sirloin and Hearty Vegetable (2.5)
Campbell’s HC Chicken with Dumpling (2.5)
Campbell’s HC Chicken with Egg Noodles (2.5)

Campbell’s New England Clam Chowder (1.0)

Healthy Choice Fiesta Chicken (3.0)

Healthy Choice Creamy Tomato (3.0)

Healthy choice Country Glazed Chicken (3.0)

Healthy choice Zesty Gumbo (2.5) 


Health Valley Vegetable Barley (3.5)

Health Valley Mild Vegetarian Chili (3.0)

Health Valley spicy vegetarian (3.0)

Health Valley Split Pea (3.0)

Health Valley Potato and Leek soup (2.5)

Health Valley Curried butternut squash (1.5)


Amy’s Chili (spicy) (4.0)

Amy’s (low fat) Split Pea (3.5)

Amy’s Lowfat Butternut Squash (3.5)

Amy’s Organic Corn Chowder (3.5)

Amy’s Lentil Soup (3.0)

Amy’s Soups Fire Roasted SW vegetable (3.0) – heat warning

Amy’s Potato Leek Soup (3.0)

Amy’s Organic Cream of Mushroom (2.5)


Habitant Split Pea (4.5)

Muir Glenn Split Pea (3.0)

Muir Glenn “Savory” Lentil Soup (3.0)

Shari Ann’s Potato and Cheddar (3.0)

Shari Ann’s Garlic French Onion Soup (2.5)

Walnut Acres Split Pea (2.5)

Baxter Healthy Reward French Onion Soup (2.0)

Dried Soups


Lipton Cup-a-Soup Tomato with Croutons (5.0)

Lipton Creamy Chicken Soup (3.5)

Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (3.0)

Spice Hunter Chicken Noodle (3.0)

Spice Hunter Creamy Thai Noodle (1.5)


Baked Beans

Bush’s Bold & Spicy (4.5)

Bush’s Country Style (4.5)
Bush’s Original (4.0)
Bush’s Homestyle (4.0)

Bush’s Maple Cured Bacon (3.5)
Bush’s Baked Beans with Onions (3.5)

Bush’s Baked Beans with Honey (3.0)
Bush’s Vegetable (3.0)

Bush’s Boston Recipe (2.5)
Bush’s Chili Beans (2.0)

Bush’s Barbecue (1.5)


B & M’s Barbecue with Hickory (4.0)

B & M’s Bacon & Onion (3.5)


Allen’s Baked Beans (3.0)
Van Camp’s Sautéed Onion with Molasses (2.5)
Texas Ranch Style – Barbecue (2.5)

Campbell’s Baked Beans (2.0)


Amy’s Spicy Chili (4.0)

Amy’s Medium/Mild Chili (3.5)

Wolf Brand Chili with Beans (3.5)  
Amy’s Organic Vegetarian Vegetable Chili (3.5)
Healthy Valley Vegetable Chili (3.0)
Chili Man Chili (2.5)


Tomato Sauce

Amy’s Premium (organic garlic mushroom) (4.0)

Cucina Antica Arrabbiata (4.0)
Classico Italian sausage with peppers and onions (4.0)
Classico Tomato and Basil (4.0)
Classico Portobello mushroom (4.0)
Seeds of Change Roasted Garlic and Onion (4.0)

Five Brothers (3.5)
Colavita Puttanesca (3.5)
Seeds of Change Tomato and Basil (3.5)
Seeds of Change Santa Fe (3.5)
365 brand (3.5)
365 Brand Tomato and Basil (3.5)
Federzoni (Traditional Balsamic) (3.5)
Newman’s Own? Marinara (3.0)

365 Brand Marinara (2.5)
Prego (mushrooms) (2.5)
Ragu (NT)
Sutter Home Roasted Garlic (2.5)

Frozen Food



Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza (5.0)

Stouffer’s Manicotti (4.5)

Stouffer’s Cheese Filled Ravioli and Rigatoni (4.0)
Stouffer’s Chicken Pot Pie (4.0)

Stouffer’s Monterrey Chicken (4.0)

Stouffer’s Roasted Chicken Ravioli (Italian Style) (3.5)
Stouffer’s Italian Sausage Stuffed Rigatoni (3.5)

Stouffer’s Tuna Noodle Casserole (3.0)

Stouffer’s Chicken Noodle Casserole (3.0)

Stouffer’s Five Cheese Lasagna (2.5)

Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna (2.5)


Ethnic Gourmet Palak Paneer (4.5)

Ethnic Gourmet Thit Ga Kho Tieu (4.5)

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Biryani (4.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Tandoori with spinach (4.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Lime Chicken with Ancho Chile Sauce (4.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Singapore Noodles (4.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Bean Masala (3.5)
Ethnic Gourmet Vegetable Paneer (3.5)
Ethnic Gourmet Lemongrass and Basil Chicken (3.5)

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Korma (3.5)

Ethnic Gourmet Shahi Paneer (3.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Vegetable Korma (3.0)
Ethnic Gourmet Shahi Paneer (3.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Pad Thai with Noodles (2.5)


Ethnic Gourmet Chile Relleno Ravioli with Mango Chipotle Salsa (2.5)

Ethnic Gourmet Chicken Arrabiata (2.0)

Ethnic Gourmet Butternut Squash Ravioli (2.0)


Amy’s Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl (5.0)

Amy’s Brown Rice Black-eyed Peas and Veggies Bowl (4.5)

Amy’s Pesto Pizza (4.5)

Amy’s Frozen Burrito (all flavors) (4.0)

Amy’s Roasted Vegetable in pocket (4.0)

Amy’s Enchilada Black Bean and Vegetable (4.0)

Amy’s Roasted Vegetable Pocket (4.0)

Amy’s Stuffed Pasta Bowl (4.0)

Amy’s Asian Noodle Stir-Fry (3.5 to 4.0)

Amy’s Indian Mattar Tofu (curried peas and tofu with rice & dal) (4.0)

Amy’s Indian Samosa Wraps (4.0)

Amy’s Enchilada Rice and Vegetable (3.5)

Amy’s Vegetable Lasagna (3.5)

Amy’s Cheese Enchilada (3.5)

Amy’s Shepherds Pie (3.5)

Amy’s Broccoli and Something Pocket (3.5)

Amy’s Pesto Tortellini Bowl (3.5)

Amy’s Spinach and Feta Pocket (3.0)

Amy’s Spinach Pizza (3.0)
Amy’s Mattar Paneer (3.0)
Amy’s Mattar Tofu (3.0)

Amy’s Palak Paneer (3.0)
Amy’s Thai Stir-Fry (3.0)

Amy’s Teriyaki Bowl (3.0)

Amy’s Macaroni & Cheese (3.0)

Amy’s Roasted Garlic Chicken Pizza (3.0)

Amy’s Tofu Vegetable Lasagna (3.0)

Amy’s Thom Kha Phak (2.5)

Amy’s Chili and Cornbread (2.5)

Amy’s Vegetable Pot Pie (2.5)

Amy’s Spinach Feta (pocket sandwich) (2.5)


Kashi  Southwest Style Chicken (4.0)

Kashi Sweet and Sour Chicken (4.0)

Kashi Chicken Pasta Pomodoro (4.0)

Kashi Lemongrass Coconut Chicken (4.0)

Kashi Lime Cilantro Shrimp (3.5)


Southwest Style Chicken (4.0)


Zatarain’s Jambalaya with Chicken (4.0)

Zatarain’s Dirty Rice (4.0)

Zatarain’s Red Beans and Rice (3.0)
Zatarain’s Jambalaya with Sausage (2.0)


Moosewood Moroccan Stew (4.5)

Moosewood Macaroni and Three Cheeses (3.0)

Moosewood Farfalle and Spinach Pesto Sauce (3.0)


Cedarlane Spinach and Feta Pie (Spanakopita) (4.5)

Cedarlane Burrito Grande (4.0)

Cedarlane Vegetable Enchiladas (3.5)

Cedarlane Burrito Grande (with Chili Verde Sauce) (3.5)

Cedarlane Eggplant Parmesan (3.0)

Cedarlane Couscous and Vegetable Wraps (2.5)


Boston Market Apple Glazed Pork with Rice and Broccoli au Gratin (3.5)

Boston Market Grilled Chicken with Mesquite BBQ Sauce (3.0)


Deep Indian Gourmet (4.5) – Most Styles

Delimex Chicken Taquitos (3.0)
Kofta Curry Vegetable Dumplings Seasoned with exotic spices and gravy in an authentic north Indian style (3.5)

Glutino Chicken Pad Thai (3.0)

Hot Pockets Ham and Cheese (2.5) Fake is not just as good


                Frozen Pizza


Trader Giotta’s (Trader Joe’s Pizza) (5.0)

A.C. LaRocco Pizza – ultra thin sprouted grain (3.5)




LC = Lean Cuisine

WWSO = Weight Watchers Smart Ones

LC Santa Fe Style Rice and Beans (4.5)
LC Chicken Enchilada Suiza (4.5)

LC Three Cheese Stuffed Rigatoni (4.5)

LC Grilled Chicken & Penne Pasta (4.5)

LC Three Bean Chili (4.0)
LC Macaroni and Cheese (4.0)
LC Chicken Enchilada Suiza (4.0)

LC Fajita Chicken Supreme (4.0)

LC Macaroni and Beef (4.0)
LC Beef Portobello (4.0)
LC Asian-style Beef with Ginger and Soy (4.0)

LC Hunan Beef and Broccoli (4.0)

LC Lemon Chicken (4.0)

LC Chicken in Peanut Sauce (4.0)

LC Cheese Lasagna Florentine Bake (3.5)

LC Cheese Ravioli (3.5)
LC Cheese Lasagna (3.5)
LC Roasted Potatoes, Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Sauce (3.5)

LC Chicken Pecan (3.5)
LC Rosemary Chicken (3.5)

LC Baked Chicken Florentine (3.5)

LC Chicken with Almonds (3.5

LC Chicken Carbonara (3.5)

LC Lemongrass Chicken (3.5)

LC Chicken Fried Rice (3.5)

LC Grilled Chicken & Penne Pasta (3.5)

LC Grilled Chicken Caesar (3.5)

LC Pork with Cherry Sauce (3.5)
LC Honey Roasted Pork (3.5)

LC Steak Tips Dijon (3.5)
LC Jumbo Rigatoni with Meatballs (3.5)
LC Salisbury steak with macaroni and cheese (3.5)
LC Stuffed Cabbage (3.5)


Lean Cuisine Salisbury Steak with a portobello mushroom et al. (3.0)

LC Grilled Chicken Teriyaki (3.0)

LC Chicken L’Orange (3.0)

LC Fettuccini Alfredo (3.0)
LC Chicken Florentine (3.0)
LC Sweet and Sour Chicken (3.0)
LC Thai Chicken (3.0)
LC Thai Style Chicken (3.0)
LC Chicken Florentine (3.0)
LC Chicken a L’Orange (3.0)
LC Chicken Chow Mein (3.0)
LC Chicken Mediterranean (3.0)
LC Three Cheese Chicken (3.0)
LC Glazed Chicken (3.0)

LC Roasted Chicken with Lemon Pepper Fettuccini (3.0)

LC Lasagna with Meat Sauce (3.0)

LC Swedish Meatballs (3.0)

LC Roasted Turkey Breast (2.5)

LC Teriyaki Chicken (2.5)
LC Chicken Parmesan (2.5)
LC Honey Roasted Chicken (2.5)

LC Salmon with Lemon Dill Sauce (3.0)

LC Salmon with Basil (3.0)

LC Baked Lemon Pepper Fish (1.5)


WWSO Southwest Style Adobo Chicken (3.5)
WWSO Thai-Style Chicken & Rice Noodles (3.5)
WWSO Teriyaki Chicken & Vegetable Bowl (3.5)

WWSO Penne Pollo (3.5)

WWSO Santa Fe-style Rice (3.0)

WWSO Grilled Mandarin Chicken (2.5)

WWSO Fiesta Chicken (2.5)

WWSO Sweet and Sour Chicken (2.5) 

WWSO Spicy Szechuan Style Vegetables & Chicken (2.5)

WWSO Macaroni & Cheese (2.5)

WSSO Chicken enchilada suiza (2.5)


Healthy Choice Chicken Enchilada (3.5)

Healthy Choice Grilled White Meat Chicken & Pasta (2.5 to 3.0)
Healthy Choice Grilled White Meat Chicken & Mashed Potatoes (2.5)

South Beach Diet Savory Pork with Pecans & Green Beans (2.5)
South Beach Diet Szechwan Style Pork (1.5)




The Fillo Factory – Cheese Fillo Appetizers (4.0)


Energy Bars


Kashi GoLean Crunchy (4.5)

Clif Bars (4.0)

Kashi GoLean (4.0)

Power Bar Harvest (4.0)

Power Bar ProteinPlus (3.5)

Odwalla (3.0)

Luna (2.5)

Lara (2.5)

Power Bars (2.5)

Bumblebar (2.0)



Cheerios (5.0)
Rice Krispies (5.0)

Corn Flakes (5.0)

Special K (5.0)

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Crunch (5.0)

Grape Nuts (4.5)

Captain Crunch Crunchberry (4.5)

Basic 4 (4.5)

Total Raisin Bran (4.0)

Post Raisin Bran (4.0)

Kellogg’s Raisin Bran (4.0)

Honeycomb (4.0)

Honey Nut Clusters (4.0)

Honey Nut Cheerios (3.5)

Wheaties (3.5)

Raisin, Nut, Bran (3.5)

Trix (3.5)

Kix (3.5)

Chex (3.5)

Apple Jacks (3.5)

Life (3.5)

Life Cinnamon (3.0)

Corn Pops (3.0)

Kashi (3.0)

Quaker Oh’s (3.0)

Quaker Sweet Puffs (3.0)

Fruit Loops (3.0)
Frosted Flakes (3.0)

Product 19 (3.0)
Fruity Pebbles (3.0)
Cinnamon Toast Crunch (2.5)
Sugar Smacks (2.5)

Captain Crunch’s Little Chocolate Donuts (2.5)

Frosted Mini-Wheats (2.5)

Grape Nuts Flakes (2.0)

French Toast Cereal (1.5)

                Crackers (and such)

                                Three Grain Bread (Mestemacher, GE) (4.5)



Lifestream Flax Plus (4.5)

Van’s Blueberry Waffles (4.0)

Lifestream Buckwheat Wildberry (3.5)

Kashi GoLean Blueberry Waffles (3.0)







Hansen’s Creamy Root Beer (5.0) 

Coca-Cola (4.5)

Hank’s Island Tropical Punch (4.5)

Ginseng-Up Cola (4.5)

Virgil’s Micro Brew Root Beer (4.5) 

Wild Fruitz Orange/Mango (4.0+)

Cherry Coke (4.0)

Jones Soda Bug Juice (4.0)

Jones Soda Crushed Melon (4.0)

Jones Soda Fufu Berry (4.0)

Boylan Black Cherry (4.0)

Dr Pepper (4.0)

Hank’s Orange Cream (4.0)

The Switch Apricot Peach (4.0)

Clearly Canadian Cherry (4.0)

Ginseng Rush, Botanical Soda (4?)

Hank’s Root Beer (4.0)

Hank’s Birch Beer(4.0)

Purdey’s Original (4.0)

Health Valley Sarsaparilla RB (4.0)

Cherry Pepsi (3.5)

Jones Soda Green Apple Soda (3.5)

Jones Soda Happy (3.5)

Boylan Sugar Cane Cola (3.5)

Green Tea Soda Orange (3.5)

Green Tea Soda Cola (3.5)

Wild Fruitz Raspberry/something (3.5)

Jones Soda Root Beer (3.5)

Mr Pibb (3.5)

Sprite (3.5)

Health Valley Ginger Ale (3.5)

Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew (3.5)

Izze Sparkling Clementine (3.5)

Abita Root Beer (3.5)

Ginseng-Up Cola (3.5)

Natural Brew Draft Root Beer (Juice Creations Company) (3.5)

Steap Green Tea Soda Root Beer (3.5)

Jones Soda Blue Bubble Gum Soda (3.0)

Jones Soda Grape (3.0)

Jones Soda Antecedent Cola (3.0)

Izze Sparkling Pear (3.0)

Seven-Up (3.0)

Pepsi (3.0)

Green Tea Soda Lemon Dew (3.0)

Green Tea Soda Raspberry (3.0)

Wild Fruitz Huckleberry/Blueberry (3.0)

Barq’s Root Beer (3.0)

Blue Sky Root Beer (3.0)

Borealis Birch Beer (3.0)

Boylan’s Root Beer (3.0)

A&W Root Beer (3.0)

Ginseng-Up Original (3.0)

Hansen’s (3.0)

Health Valley Root Beer (3.0)

Lost Trail Root Beer (3.0)

Mystic Seaport Root Beer (3.0)

Stewart’s Root Beer (3.0)

Citra (Coca-Cola) (3.0)

Clearly Canadian Raspberry Cream (2.5)

Clearly Canadian Strawberry Melon (2.5)

Izze Sparkling Blueberry (2.5)

Jones Soda Cream Soda (2.0)

Mountain Dew (1.5)

Mug Root Beer (1.5)

Hansen’s Energy (1.5)

Purdey’s Vitonic (1.5)

Energy Cola (A Way of Life) (negative 1.0)




Bolthouse Farms Passion Fruit Apple Carrot Juice (4.9)

Bolthouse Farms Perfectly Protein (4.5)

Bolthouse Farms Valencia Orange (4.5)

Bolthouse Farms Mango Lemonade (4.0)

Bolthouse Farms Carrot Juice (2.5)


Hansen’s Smoothie Tropical Passion (4.5) 

Hansen’s Smoothie Mango Pineapple (4.5) 


Snapple Regular (4.5)

Snapple Elements Starfruit Orange (Sun) (4.5) 

Snapple Elements Accelerate Tangelo Fruit Drink (Meteor) (4.5)

Snapple Mango Madness (4.0)

Snapple Elements PGBT (Lightning) (4.0)

Snapple Elements Indigo Grape (Volcano) (4.0)

Snapple Elements Grape & Cranberry (Earth) (3.5)

Snapple Elements Sub-Zero – Siberian Cherry (3.5)

Whipper Snapple Black and Blue Berry (3.5)

Whipper Snapple Strawberry and Banana (3.5)

Snapple Elements Atomic - Jacked Apple Juice (3.0)

Snapple Elements Sun (3.0)

Snapple Elements Citron (3.0)

Snapple Elements Rejuvenate Persimmon (Altitude) (3.0)

Snapple Elements Agave Cactus (Rain) (3.0)

Snapple Elements Grapefruit Cranberry (Velocity) (3.0)

Snapple Kiwi Strawberry (3.0)

Snapple Elements Dragon Juice (Fire) (2.5)

Whipper Snapple Orange Dream (2.5)


Arizona Tea Regular (4.5)

Arizona Mucho Mango (4.5) 

Arizona Watermelon Social (4.0)

Arizona Kiwi Strawberry (4.0)

Arizona Rx Health (4.0)

Arizona Green Tea with Plum Juice (4.0)

Arizona Crazy Berry (3.5)

Arizona Rx Energy - herbal tonic (3.5)

Arizona Green Tea with Honey (3.5)

Arizona Crazy Cocktail (3.0)

Arizona Rx memory (3.0)

Arizona Tea with Ginseng (3.0)


Mistic Zotics Thailand Mangosteen Fruit (4.5)

Mistic Zotics Mozambique Marula Fruit (4.5)

Mistic Zotics Japan Yuzu Fruit (4.0)

Mistic Zotics - Acerola Berry (3.5)


Odwalla Future Shake Vanilla Al’Mondo (4.0)

Odwalla Blackberry Fruit Shake (4.0)

Odwalla Think Drink (3.0)


Squeez’r (premium juice cocktail) (4.5)

Hawaiian Iced Tea (Taste the flavor) (4.0)

Nantucket Super Nectars - Mama calcium (4.0)

Gatorade Orange or Lime (4.0)

Laguna Beach Peach (4.0) 

Naked Mighty Mango (4.0)

Fuze Green Tea (3.5)

Peach Mango (3.5)

Squeezed Nectars Original Lemon Tea (3.5)

Nantucket Nectars Protein Smooth (3.5)

Nantucket Nectars Lemonade (3.5)

Malibu Beach Lemonade (3.5)

Mistic Strawberry-Kiwi (3.5)

Laguna Beach Mango Passion (3.5)

Laguna Beach California Lemonade (3.5)

Lipton Iced Tea (Lemon) (3.0)

Mistic Peach Beach (3.0)

Ocean Spray Kiwi Something (3.0)

Malibu Beach Strawberry Papaya Kiwi (3.0)

Nestea Sweetened Iced Tea (3.0) (bottle)

Riptide Rush (purple) (3.0)

Laguna Beach Green Apple Tea (3.0)

Laguna Beach Raspberry Guava (3.0)

Lipton Iced Tea (No Lemon) (2.5)

Honest tea - Gold Rush (2.5)

Tazo Simply Red (2.5)

Brisque Iced Tead (can) (2.5)

Naked Strawberry-Banana (2.5)

Fruitopia Kiwiberry Ruckus (2.5)

Tazo Mango (2.0)

Honest Tea - Black forest berry (2.0)

Snapple Elements Mandarin Carrot (Spark) (2.0)

Tremendously Tangerine (2.0)

Fuze Slenderize Tropical Punch (2.0)

Fruit Works Peach Papaya (1.5)

Lipton Iced Tea (1.5) (can)

Gatorade Fierce Lime (1.0)

Tazo Passion Potion (1.0)

Nestea Breeze (0.0)


SoBe Orange Carrot Elixir (3.0)

SoBe Zen Blend (3.0)

Sobe Essentials - Qi (3.0)

Sobe Green Tea 3G (2.0)

Sobe Power Flavor (1.5)

Voodoo Rain Mojo Luv (2.0)

Voodoo Rain Jungle Ice (1.5)

Voodoo Rain Tropical Passion Punch (1.5)

Voodoo Rain Firefly Buzz (1.5)

Voodoo Rain Brain Broo (1.5)




Evian (5.0)

Brita Filtered Tap Water (4.0)

Aqua Fina (0.5)






Trappistes Rochefort No. 10 (5.0)

Trappistes Rochefort No. 8 (4.5)

Trappistes Rochefort No. 6 (4.5)

Moinette (4.5)

Achelse Kluis (Trappiste Brune Extra) (4.5)

Westmalle Tripel (4.5)

Achelse Kluis (Trappiste Brune) (4.0)

Moinette Brune (4.0)

Corsendonk (4.0)

Chimay Reserve (4.0)

Chimay Premiere (4.0)

Fantome Belgian Saison (varies) (3.5 - 4.0)

St Feuillien Cuvee de Noel (4.0)

Orval (4.0)

Ommegang Abbey Ale (3.5)

Ommegang Burgundian Brew (3.0)




Celebrator Double-Bock (4.0)

Paulaner Salvator Double Bock (3.5)
Pinkus Hefe-Weizen (organic wheat ale) (3.5)

Paulaner Salvator Double Bock (3.5)

Ayinger Bräu-Weiss Hefe-Weizen (3.0)
Erdinger Weissbräu Hefe-Weizen (3.0)
Grimbergen double (3.0)
Knuckleball Bock Beer (2.5)


Other Ales


Traquair House Ale (4.5)

St. Peter’s Porter Ale (4.5)

St Peter’s Ale (4.0)

Thiriez French Farmhouse Ale (4.0)

Samuel Smith’s India Pale Ale (4.0)

Samuel Smith’s Nut Brown Ale (4.0)

Samuel Smith’s Imperial Stout (4.0)

Traquair Jacobite (coriander flavored ale) (3.5)

Young’s Special London Ale (3.5)

Jenlain French Farmhouse Ale (3.5)

Super Paladin (3.5)

Samuel Smith’s Tadcaster (3.5)

Samuel Smith’s Winter Ale (3.5)

McEwan Scottish Ale (3.5)

Belhaven Scottish Ale (3.5)
Scarecrow Golden Pale Ale (3.5)

McChouffe (3.5)

Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA (3.5)

Dogfish Head Aprihop IPA (3.0)

Black Sheep Ale (3.0)

Fischer Amber (3.0)

Harpoon IPA (3.0)

Duvel Golden Ale (3.0)

Ommegang Three Philosophers (Ale with Cherry Lambic) (3.0)

Grimbergen double (3.0)

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde (2.5)

Magic Hat Circus Boy (2.5)

Petrus Old Brown Ale (2.5)

Samael’s Oak-Aged Ale (2.5)

Sam Adams Boston Water (2.5)
Newcastle Brown Water (2.5)
Curim Celtic Water (2.0)


Clear Malt/Other Alcoholic


Smirnoff Ice (3.0)

Stolichnaya Citron (3.0)

Mike’s Hard Lemonade (2.5)

Ice Blue (2.0)

Zima (1.5)

Bacardi Silver (0.5)




*   means always buy

**   don’t be a fool not to buy

*** figure it out.

The Safe List


Abbaye de Bellocq


Ascutney Mountain Tomme*

Asiago Fresco


Bergkäse Selun (cow)

Bergkäse Unterwasser

Berkswell Sheep Cheese


Black Diamond “Extra Old” Canadian Cheddar

Bleu d’Auvergne
Bleu de Bocage

Bleu du Causses
Bleu de Sassenage
Blu Del Moncensio

Boconci Langha (goat)

La Bottera Piemonte
Bra Tenero*

Brebirousse Argental

Brebis Reserve au Espelette


Brie Fourgerus

Brie de Lyon

Brie de Meaux

Brinata Il Forteto (sheep)


Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (cow)*

Cabrales (see below)




Camembert Le Chatelain

Campo de Montalban

Canestrato Pugliese (sheep)

Cane De Cabre


Cantal Entre Deux





Charollais Fermier (goat)*

Cheddar (all)

Chevre des Collines

Chabis De Ma Grand Mere

Chevre D’Or

Chevre des Collines (goat)**


Clochette (goat)

Colston Basset Stilton


Comte Gruyere*

Cordobes (sheep)

Cornish Yarg*


Couserans (cow)*

Crosta di Pane*
Doux de Montagne

Durus Irish Tomme*

Dutch Edam

Émissaire (goat)
Les Fermiers Lingot
Fontina val d’Aosta*

Fontina (aged)

Formaggio Monte Veronese

Formagella Val Vigezzo
Fromage de Chouade

Fromage de Meaux

Garrotxa (goat)


Gouda (Aged)

Gourmandise Kirsch

Grana Padana



Harbourne Blue (goat)**


Hereford Hop

Hillman Farms Lottie Garris (goat)

Hillman Farms Harvest Wheel (goat)


Hudson Valley Camembert


Isle of Mull Cheddar

Irish Cashel*

Keen’s Cheddar*


Lamb Chopper


Le Lavort (sheep)*

La Peral (cow ± sheep)

Latteria Nostrano*

Lincolnshire Poacher
Magic Mountain
Tomme (sheep)

Malvarosa (sheep)

Manchego (sheep)


Matusc Misto Capra Il Forteto (sheep) *



Montagnolo (cow)


Monte Enebro (goat)

Montegrappa (cow)

Monte Vuilly
Montgomery’s Cheddar***

Montrachet (real Montrachet) (goat) ***

Mont Soleil (cow)

Muenster Gerome

Oka (Quebec)

Ombra (sheep)*

Onetik Baigura (sheep)*

Nevat and Buche de Causses

Norwegian Jarlsberger


Paladin Blue

Paglierino in Fossa*
Pantaleo (goat’)*
Parmigiano Reggiano**

Patacabra (goat)

Pecorino Foglia Noce (sheep)

Pecorino Ginepro (sheep)

Pecorino di Pienza (sheep)*

Peeked Mountain Tomme

Pennsylvania Noble**
Petit Agour
Pioda di Santa Maria (goat)
Pierre Robert


Prince de Claverolle*


Red Leicester

Reblochon de Savoie

Reggianito (Zerto) (Argentina)

Riley’s Goat (goat)

Robiola (two milk, the square one)

Robiola la Serole

Robiola La Serra***

Robiola Castagna Cora (goat)*


Rochers Nantiers*

Rogue Blue

Rolf Beeler’s Gruyere

Rolf Beeler’s Hoch Ybrig***



Saint Albray

Saint Marcellin
Saint Nectaire

Saint Andre

Saint Nectaire


Sardinian Pecorino (sheep)



Shepherd’s Wheel

Shropshire Blue

Sin Palhais

Sola  a Tre Latte

Sottocenere (see below)

Sternenberger Bergkäse (cow)


Sweetgrass (Thomasville) Tomme (cow)

Taleggio Lago di Monato

Tête de Moine


Texas Hill Country Goat Cheese


Tomme Berger (cow)

Tomme Fleur Verte

Tomme Geante (cow)

Tomme de Haut Richelieu (goat)

Tomme Piedmont (cow)

Torta Ambros

Tronchón (3 milks)

Twig Hill Goat Tomme*

Twig Hill (single curd) (cow)*



Valle d’Aspe

Vare (goat)

Vermont Ayr

Vermont Dandy (sheep)

Vermont Maiden (sheep)


Veneto d’Estato (sheep)


Ziegenbrie (goat)

The Watch List


These are not necessarily bad cheeses. It’s just that time I bought it revealed a cheese with some noticeable flaw—either a state of overripeness (which the honest vendor did not prevent) or perhaps something more fundamental. A cheese can move from this list to the “safe” list (with the appropriate warning attached) once I can verify that a proper version is not out of reach. Baby Cow Ubriaco will never be off this list.


Hairy = too sheepy or too goaty

NH4  = the problem of ammonium is one of being overripe. It seems to most plague the brie-like cheeses (and some goat cheeses)


Ardrahan (forgot)

Bethmale – can be very hairy (if aged too long; go for a softer version)

Bianco Sottobosco – if you hate truffles or Sottocenere, avoid; otherwise, enjoy.

Brie Fichely – can have peculiar flavor

Le Burge de Rocastin – can be hairy

Cabrales – can be overpowering, just know what you’re doing

Capra Valtellina (goat) – watch out for slightly hairy

Cathare – I think mine had gone over the hill (NH4)

Chimay – can be very pungent; must have with strong ale

Caciotta del Lazio – can be a touch too tangy/sour

Coach Farm Triple Cream Goat Cheese (NH4)

Danish Tholstrup Marquis  – can have peculiar flavor

Fiore Sardo – ?when overripe

Garrotxa (goat) – prone to extreme hairiness (if overripe)

Guilloteaux – hairy

Il Barilotto Capra (goat) – too sour, barnyardy; weird flavor

Idiazabel (sheep) – hairy

Malga – can be too barnyardy

Monte Enebro – NH4

Picodon – caution, esp. when overripe

Raclette – strange taste when not melted

Robiola La Rossa (sheep’s milk) – warning

Saint Albray – forgot

Sottocenere – flavor can be acquired taste

Torta Ambros – watch out for very fungal/musty rind

Ubriaco  (baby cow) – beyond tangy




These are cheeses that are either ill-conceived or otherwise just don’t do a lot for me


Grafton Village Smoked Cheddar – smoked cheddar?
Mushroom/Garlic Brie – ill-conceived, I don’t buy raspberry beer either

Don Olivo – forgot my issue here

Jacquin Caprin – just not worth the bother

Belgian Wynendale (odd taste, life is too short; wait—maybe I’m wrong—I need to try this again)

Saint Marcellin – be careful, can get a little barnyardy actually

Teleme – bland


Current God’s of Cheese (last prayed to 4/06)


Rolf Beeler