My Youtube Video


Guest Review by Lora Kolodny



to me?
the only thing you're doing is beat matching. you know? the DJ 
equivalent of just lapping two songs over one another at the start & 
like basic radio. not turntablism / electronic remix artistry.

i think you have to stop relying on people contextually knowing what 
charlie chan is about
stop relying on the good song to tell your message
and start creating a video that reaches further into the whole fakery 
of authenticity eventually becoming authentic representation of a 
bygone era thing...
or the race relations thing
or something else
something bigger.

this one isn't even close to art for me.
it's a mashup. a weird one. but still just a mashup.

don't be mad?
but i've seen you make way more emotionally gripping, sweet, 
interesting, or otherwise important vid pieces than this one.
and i want more of them.