Guest Review by Lora Kolodny


This is the smoothest honey they make in America with absolutely no grains, no grit whatsoever. Sometimes a little glucose grit feels good, thickens up a honey. But Tupelo's clarity makes it excellent for inclusion in sauces, dressings, and one's mouth. Pure Tupelo Honey is an incredibly weird color: light orange-gold with a green tint where the light hits around the meniscus, or all around the edges when you hold a jar of it up to the light. This honey feels moisturizing rather than sticky on the lip, and practically falls off the spoon, faster than Hershey's Syrup but not as fast as Olive Oil. A kind of grassy, green scent -- reminiscent of a humid day in the shade near a river and the general light weight liquidity of Tupelo Honey makes me want to eat it drizzled on something fluffy (brioche) or flaky (croissant, filo dough). Otherwise, I'd definitely paint it on some food before grilling to contrast with really subtle flavors (summer squash, nice tender sea scallops). Or I'd melt it with some butter and dive right in with a steamed crab leg for a life raft, or maybe a fresh soft pretzel.

(*reviewer not responsible for Van Morrison getting stuck in your head at the very mention)