Cieligio Honey (Italian Cherry Tree)


Guest Review by Lora Kolodny


Cherry Tree honey appears pale gold and slightly cloudy. Its fragrance is light, and sugary with a cherry blossom note, conjuring images of a hazy spring day in Kyoto on contemplation. Texture-wise, Cherry Tree honey feels granular but not gritty or crunchy, and syrupy rather than thick or gel like. Its a superior honey overall with a flavor that compares to an excellent glazed donut (Krispy Kreme), subtle and smoothly sweet. It pairs nicely with a tart, salty cheese, a plain yogurt, a piece of flat bread with sweet cream butter and good salt, and anything nutty, of course, in particular toasted, slightly bitter walnuts. Take some 9-grain bread, unsweetened peanut butter, bananas, and attract a hippie with it today.