Black Locust Honey


Guest Review by Lora Kolodny



Black Locust Honey tastes very sweet, appears bright to pale yellow-gold, spreads across the tongue slowly, and doesn't granulate completely as fast as some other honeys when stored at room temperature. It is a little grainy-sugary though. Black Locust Honey flavor begins with a sugar cane like spike, the kind that makes the back of your mouth ache slightly. It finishes with a flowery, perfumed and soft whisper. The honey smells more caramelized than it tastes. It goes nicely with a young sheep’s milk cheese, something creamy, slightly bitter or tart, and definitely salty to contrast with its high sweetness. It lacks the depth of darker, more throat-coating honeys. But it's far more versatile. Good honey to sweeten tea, or use in a marinade because it stays sweet and floral, rather than bitter and burnt, even through cooking / warming.