Buy this cereal and help keep America's top athletes off the streets. (extremely compatible with: blueberries)

Raisin, Nut, Bran
Sometimes, three inches of sugar coating around each rasin is just too much. Other times, it's just what a body ordered.

Captain Crunch Crunchberry
Very tasty but watch out for the “no-joke” cut-mouth effect, which is interesting considering the cereal's rapid progression to complete and utter sog. Also has an excessive amount of flaking (the powder that contaminates the last portion of the box) and an aftermilk that's too sugary to enjoy (compare with the aftermilk of Rice Krispies). Despite these many flaws, Captain Crunch's unique and highly addictive flavor makes it the “cereal that launched a thousand spoons.”

Basic 4
Basic 4 is right. 4.0 that is. This cereal is great. It has the crunchy flakes of a bran flake, corn flake admixture merged with puffed rice, nut slivers (almonds), and dried raisins (and dried “some other fruits which I can’t exactly figure out, although it probably is written on the box somewhere, but come on”). With all of this, you’d think it should be trail mix and come in a small zip-lock bag. But no! What makes this cereal cereal and not trail mix, and thus worthy of all this discussion, is that somehow, it manages to still taste light and healthy and take milk. I don’t know if it actually is light and healthy. But that’s not the point. It tastes light and healthy. And there’s a party going on.

Okay, wow. These are pretty good. They're basically like fruity pebbles that don't get soggy before you even have time to bring the bowl to the table. And yet at the same time, they don't start out so sharp/hard and thus are able to avoid the cut-mouth effect as seen with Captain Crunch Crunchberries. So how do they do it? Magic. Pure and simple. Magic. I will say this, though, they do have an ever so slight hint of, for lack of a better term, slime on their outer surface. Which is probably the other word for magic.

Kids like Kix for what Kix has got. Mom's like Kix for what Kix has not. Indeed. And it's what Kix has not that I would like to focus on today. Kix just doesn't have a whole lotta flavor. Now does it? It is, however, very much like a Pachinko ball, made of cereal—that doesn't have a whole lotta flavor.

Not bad. Also crackles like Rice Krispies—is it something about rice? Also decent for snacking.

Very good. Quite good, in fact. The pieces are shaped like Chex that have been flattened by a miniature steam roller. You can really pack this cereal in your mouth. Comes with standard sog curve, and is receptive to bananas. Overall, a great choice and a bargain at roughly 16 cent/oz.

Life Cinnamon
Very good. Also good as a dry snack, which can be very useful for people who cannot afford or are too lazy to go get milk.

Corn Pops
Tendency to become stale between the time you open the box to the time you get it in the bowl. Also tends to be slightly chewy, and dare I say—oh, I better not say. Nonetheless, I still buy it sometimes because the flavor is somewhat addictive.

This is one cereal that you can snack on even without milk. This is probably because, well, the pieces are big, not small, yeah yeah yeah.

Honey Nut Clusters [Guest Review]
This cereal rocks. The only reason it's not in the Always section is blatant traditionalism on my part.

Honey Nut Cheerios [Guest Review]

Sounds like one of those independent films about the adventures of a small Japanese boy growing up in the big city, but it's not. It's a cereal. Actually, it's more like a less sugary version of Sugar Smacks? (that one with the frog). Not bad. Unfortunately, it's a little bit in no man's land in terms of sweetness. You can't put sugar on it, because it's already got it. But it's not quite sweet enough as it is. If it were just a tad sweeter, it might be more tasty without being as over-the-top as Sugar Smacks. Are you still there?

Quaker Oh's
Pretty good cereal. Captain crunch-like flavor but without the cut mouth effect. It also has a taste of honey, which is, of course, better than none at all. This cereal also breaks the rules of normal cereal physiology by staying crunchy almost indefinitely. [17 cents/oz]

Quaker Sweet Puffs [Guest Review]