The Raisin Bran Question

Box Price*
Raisin Count
Total Raisin Bran
Post Raisin Bran
Kellog Raisin Bran
32 raisins/cup
38 raisins/cup
38 raisins/cup

And as I inserted my spoon in the cereal, two pieces jumped out of the bowl and onto the table. This is the kind of enthusiasm one wants in a cereal, which is, it must be remembered, only as energizing as the least inspired flake. In mathematical terms, jumping flakes suggest a high degree of interconnected tension, potential energy if you will, which is as unique as it is desirable among cereals. The flakes hold up well in milk, and they're sweet. Meanwhile, the raisins do their duty without trying to steal the show. This is clearly a superior raisin bran.

Post (Proust)
The raisins have much more sugar coating, and the bran pieces seem a little more flimsy. It's still raisin bran, so I shall not want. But I think it's less than inspired.

This is a good middle ground in terms of sugar content, but the raisins are on the small side. The flakes get soggy rather quickly too.

Update: The year is 2005, and Kellog's ‘Raisin Bran Crunch’ has just answered all of these concerns.