The problem with flash animation

The problem with flash animation trying to be a cartoon is that it's flash animation trying to be a cartoon. Everything happens too slowly. Why? It's because flash is basically just one person. Each project takes a hell of a lot of time to accomplish. Chuck Jones can simply draw a picture of Bugs about to do something, Bugs doing something, and Bugs having done something. Then he says to the minions, now make it happen. Sort of like George Lucas, except Chuck Jones doesn't suck. The difference here is minions. Without them, the artist only has time to produce one minute of animation for every three minutes of story. This means a lot of time watching characters slowly move on and off the screen, often pausing to give their lines, like stage actors. It's sad. And that is why I will never make flash cartoons. On the other hand, like the rest of the internet, flash does have the distinct avantage of being uncensored. What if people could make real cartoons that were completely off-the-wall, unbeholden to commercial interests or censorship? Their name would be Don Hertzfeldt. Their best known cartoon would be the aptly named 'Rejected' which will not be showing on a network near you.

(Coming Soon) Article Two: Liberating Iraqi Flash Animators