this reminds me of a joke i heard....
it was a long while ago, so this is the best i can do:
a group of people are hiking up a mountain together. they have never met before and as they climb they talk about where they went to college. one's from Williams. one's from Amherst. one's from Wesleyan. and the fourth is from Middlebury.
so they all claim that their school was the best and each is pointing out the greatest aspects of their respective institutions and deriding the others. they're almost at the top and the guy from Middlebury turns around and says: "you don't understand. Middlebury is great. i would do anything for that place. even this!" and he takes a running leap off the side of the cliff and yells: "Middlebury forever!"
the other three look at each other in amazement. but the chick from Wesleyan is not to be out done. she says: "yeah, well we're devoted at Wesleyan, too!" and she runs and jumps and yells: "go cardinals!"
so the girl from Williams and the guy from Amherst are standing there looking at each other. and the girl from Williams says: "i love Williams more than they loved their schools and Iím willing to do whatever i have to do to prove it." so she reaches way back for some power... shouts: "long live the Ephs!"... and shoves the Amherst guy over the edge.