no water, there is no water.
Refutation of Todd

by Sarita

i read his comment about the flaming lips. ("ugh", i think it goes). i will never talk to this guy because he wrote off a band a really like with a syllable. here we go. i feel no need and see no point in defending the music i like. some of my favorite bands are mediocre and it's ok, it doesn't matter, i like them because i heard them in high school at 4am on the college radio station and the moon looked strange at the time or the singer has nice lips or i like their attitude or they put out about 12 albums a year and they're fun in concert or excellent for aerobics. whatever. the charlatans and pavement and guided by voices and the misfits and the buzzcocks fall into these categories. i think the flaming lips are touched with genius and that the charlatans are not but i will listen to both and be content. i cannot argue the merit of one band versus another because once the music hits my ears it's mine, not yours. it is certainly not this dude's. this poorly constructed psuedo rant has made my head hurt. ithaca, ho!