let me tell you the story behind that image... because there is one.  3 years ago i was a substitute teacher at the same catholic school where i was a student for 10 years.  i was subbing in my old 5th grade classroom and while the kids were at lunch i snuck into the cloak closet and started digging through the old textbooks and found the reading books we used back in 1987-88.  i opened the cover of the book and there was my best friend's name written in the "this book belongs to" box.  so i stole the book.  yes i stole a book from my old catholic school.  i'll admit i still have a bit of guilt over that.  but anyway, i remember ALL of the stories in the book.  5th grade is when you'd sit in class and everyone would go around and read 2 or 3 paragraphs of a story... and i vividly remember reading the story about the little boy in the field.  he was a sick little boy who was trapped in bed in the hospital and he kept having dreams that he'd wake up, in the hospital pajamas, in a field, but that he couldn't move.  um, a wee bit creepy for a bunch of 10 year olds, no?  but hey it was catholic school, so that was actually the LEAST creepy thing they were teaching us.  anyway, i scanned a ton of the pictures from that book and used them all over my website.  unfortunately, ive deleted most of them, except for that one.  and there you go, there's the story of that picture.