no water, there is no water.

exactly! you're completely correct. PJ Harvey is the first who comes
to mind when I tried to think of someone with emotion+substance. have
you listened? the thing is, it may just be her voice. damnit.
hmmm...townes van zandt. yes. "now the cold air feels like fire on
my skin and even the moonlight is blinding." well, i like it anyway.
not all that is sincere is bad poetry. vice versa as well. of course
we'll have to meet up when i move in a few weeks if only to save on
postage costs. thanks again for the arcade fire summation. on point.

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:01:51 -0500, Cold Bacon wrote:
> the problem w/ arcade fire i've realized is that they indulge by jumping
> right into emotional hysterics w/out providing any explanation of how or why
> they should be so hysterical. thus -- it rings suspect.
> this is in contrast -- even -- to the strokes -- who are similarly
> hysterical -- but at least offer some explanation in their lyrics.
> does this make sense.? you can't begin your song in hysteria. and then not
> have any discernible lyrics which might provide a motivation.
> arcade fire is all dessert and no meal. all gain and no pain. melody
> without middle earth. this is why it thins over time.
> but my how the first few times are good. arcade fire would be good to place
> on a mix tape -- thus.

[studio version]