what's so fucking special about October 4th?

From: Bacon
To: Paul
From: drb [self-admitted native of New Zealand]
To: Bacon Sorry to clutter your inbox but I forgot to mention which shirt I wanted. well actually I don't know but any of the following would be good.

viet cong
slut whore

or whatever, I leave it in your capable reason.

of interest.

which should i choose for him?
i will i think make the text slightly smaller this time.


From: Paul
To: Bacon

This time? you mean you're making more shirts? I would go back to the font you used on the original cold bacon shirts, if that's possible.

Shoplifter is pretty funny. Shirt is funny, but not really your sense of humor. Bourgeouis is ok. Slut whore...well, I'd have to know him better.

yeah. fuck me with that font. you're right. i will go back to comic sans ms font. it just seems more friendly? no? more light hearted? anyway. i wanted bigger to overcome the fade aspect which is inherent w/ heat-transfer (as opposed to real silk screen). but it's going to be gray colored whether it's small or large. and the fact is you can still read it from a reasonable distance even if it's not a huge size font. so whatever. 4EVER.

so i will make drb like maybe - shirt?

i like that enough for him. shoplifter -- i don't know -- he might get in trouble or something over there in NZ -- i don't know what kind of rules and regs they have there. maybe they will see his shirt and cut off his hands ?

that would be my fault.

anyway. i should respond to your emails about the bitch so we can establish our dialogue and you can give me more of this good advice.

you spelled bourgeois wrong.

From: Paul
To: Bacon

The real problem, though, is html email. Caramba. [note, his emails appear Ďall fucked upí when he reads and replies to me because he uses some archaic linux server or something but you might have guessed that already]

You should see "Whale Rider" or read "the bone people" for NZ panoramae, though the first is more cute than good, and the second is a little long, and in any case i don't get the feeling the drb is maori.

bouergeious is one of those french words where you just throw all the vowels you've got at it and hope some of them stick.

you needn't respond, per se, to my emails about "the bitch," but i am curious about that whole thing.

but what i really want to say is:
free pv!

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