From: Paul
Date: Sunday, May 12, 2003 4:23 PM
To: bacon@
Subject: re:

definitely. what i really wanted were the ones like cimmerian or scientist or normal or i forget...some of the others were funny, and besides, i need tshirts.

you're the second person to say they thought 'cimmerian' was hilarious and wanted it. but the problem. with people like you. him. all of you. is that you say you want them but don't put your money where your mouth is.

I'll put my money wherever you want it, fat man. I'll pay for the shirts, and the shipping, and an little extra so you can buy yourself a slurpee or some pearl tea for being such a great guy. I don't even mind if it says coldbacon on the back, as long as it's tastefully done. That's the key word: tasteful. I think they'd be better without it, but I don't mind. Anyway, the point is, I really need tshirts. Extra large. Like my gigantic wonderful brain.

So yeah. Normal. Cimmerian. Something else. Tell me what it costs. Money is no object. What else do I have to spend money on? Nothing. Except for telescopes. You know how much I just spent on a telescope? You wouldn't believe me if I told you, especially if I showed you how small a telescope it is. It's very very beautiful.

paul, there are some things a guy just doesnít want to hear. Anyway, Iíll send the shirts and donít worry abut the money. I too am made of money. And I agree itís stupid to put Cold Bacon on the back. I probably wonít do it.

surprise me.

no. i'm pretty much telling you i won't put it on the back...

surprise me is contemporary american slang for i don't really care, just do whatever you want and leave me alone, and if i disagree with what you decide i'll bitch at you about it later.

it will be about two weeks before the shirts are ready. this is because I canít settle on a font, will be out of town, and mostly because this is just the timetable Iím laying down. in the meantime, check this out:

Still, very nice pictures. Lots of them. Except for the sprite can, which is boring. Thanks for sharing.

Yours truly,
eduardo najera

bastard. anyway, what font should i use for the shirts? that's the only thing holding us up here. we need a font which will provide enough bulk - i.e. ink - i.e. non-fadingness since theyíre not real silkscreens - but not to look too bold Ė stupid - distracting - too much Ė too fast/furious Ė etc
Tekton ->too thin, bad, horrible
Times New Roman -> too thin, boring
Arial -> what?
Comic Sans -> so yesterday, everyone uses now, has girlish quality
Copperplate -> not girlish enough
Al Sharpton ITC -> this isn't a font, i was just kidding, but he would probably beg to differ
Photino Casual Black -> a racial slur or a font?
Girls Are Weird -> no, i was just thinking that, but it is a font actually, but it's too weird.
Bookman Old Style -> I have no clue what this looks like, i just remembered the name

Let's just go with Times New Roman. we can make it 'bold'.

okay, so 'cimmerian' and 'normal' then.

what else is there? let's kill ourselves.