i wish i could, but already swamped again with work. it's also been 8
years since i've lived there, and it's changing fast apparently. from
memory, the whole is less than the sum of its parts. lots of cute,
funky/trendy areas, which don't add up to anything terribly exciting.
was voted "most liveable" city for several years, along with other
pleasantly mediocre places, like seattle and montreal. the coffee is
very good, but because of that, the locals seize on this, as if it's the
most important thing on earth. the young folk tend to be on the cutting
edge of fashion and music, again through peripheral or parochial
insecurity. it has something called "the paris end of collins street"
because it's two kilometres closer to paris than the other end. it's
very multicultural, but not global. it has trams.

that's all i remember, i'm afraid.
hope that helps.