LEgaliZe RoBots

The following email was sent to people:

From: "Cold Bacon"
To: "dorothy lam" ,"katherine howe" ,"Margaret Coady" ,"Clare Elliott","Tim Lake" ,"Lana Choi" ,"Kathy Kvitek" ,"Kimerbly Kho" ,"Paul Boerner" ,"Matthew Ashford" ,"Curt Cloninger" ," Vanity Fair" ,"Elvis Mitchell" ,"Simon Perez" ,"Donnie Rumsfeld" ,"Tina Caruthers" ,"Hamburgler" ,"P Diddy", "William Papadopoulos", "kelly", "Catherine Newberry", "marty demarest", "eleanor lai", "Courtney Munch", "Hernan Valdez", "Gray Hancock", "Lee Lambrecht", "Pere", "marie glancy", "david work", "Tamasine Ellis", "Ben J Barnett", "Michael J Lewis"

okay. i have adjusted the 2nd L to make it less redundant.

i have smoothed out the rest of the letters. they are obviously not all perfect and there is plenty of subjectivity. i welcome further suggestions for individual letter shapes.

in vague resemblance to a suggestion made by margaret c., i have also lowered the 2nd L slightly that it may be more chaotic (i.e. as if the robots themselves are running the campaign, which is, of course, 'cute', and 'the whole point')

everyone will remember it's only $30 to set one screen. so it's really not a huge deal if the 1st one isn't the last one we make.

please make your selection for the general alignment of text (1, 2 or 3)

and any other suggestions. this will be close to a last call before printing the first batch of shirts.

if anyone feels their opinion is not worth anything. please remember that a response to this email is always optional.


Note, most people chose the subject header of 'Re:' while some used more specific ones (shown individually). Overall, the response rate was 18 out of 28 or just over half. The total votes were:
position #1: 5 votes       position #2: 4 votes       position #3: 3 votes
None of these totals matched the number of people making reference to the state of my personality with respect to the general notion of what is a normal personality. In order received:
Matt Ashford writes
Katherine Howe writes
I'm torn between 1 and 3. i know i said 3 before, but now i'm waffling. maybe 1. like the robot is spray painting, and he would start from the same left margin when he did the lower word, or like writing on a chalkboard even.

but listen. you must stop sending such large files to this account. in future please send large images files to khowe@bu.ed.u



but really, it clogs up my inbox and i can't receive emails from students, solicitations for herbal viagra, etc.

fuck it. i say go with left alignment.
Kathy Kvitek writes
you are truly odd - and i mean that in the most affectionate way possible

that said, i vote #1. definitely. but the "z" looks too perfect. the "z" doesn't belong
Maria Pacana
i rank the text placement 2 - 1 - 3

the letters are cute. it works. but legalize. why legalize?? [make this a poll to vote with funny answers? Or make something a poll?]
Biological Father writes
I vote for centering the robots vis-a-vis the legalize. What is my prize if I am right about this? Which robots are illegal? Do robots get a vote? When do the laws go into effect? Why didn't you like AI? I did not like the ending but the imagery was as vintage.

Biological Sister writes
Subject: You're a freak

seek help. 1 or 3. definately not 2, but maybe 1. although 3 if you are trying too hard. or is it not hard enough....

birdman rocks. you are peanut.

i test for advanced green tomorrow.

Clare Elliott writes
i like the first best with robots centered under legalize

if robots designed it wouldn't be all very symetrical and regular?
> could you please clare-ify,
> do you mean 'if robots...would it be all regular?'
> because maybe you don't know 'these' robots.

whats special about these robots? are they jive-talkin robots??

hey, i'm going to Chicago the weekend before t-giving. thats practically

Cleveland only better

Hernan Valdez writes
> Send it to your fellow residents. I thought you meant those robots.

We'll count that as a vote for #4
William Papadapoulos writes
> # 2 looks the best to me

We'll count that as a vote for #2
Marty Demarest writes
I like '1,' followed by '3,' followed by '2.'

Tamasine Ellis writes
#2 all the way! there's a nice undulating motion that way. otherwise, the -OTS looks bigger than the ROB- to me. this might be persnickety, but the T looks a little christian because it's crossed kinda low.

what happened to the cute machine graphic?
Vladka Neville writes
Helloe this is cute

i prefer the first one when it is all in centre.

but - not sure about the smaller second L. the positioning of it is good though.

have horrid coursework to finish will write when am freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Kelly Duley writes
and...pss: quit sending me those stupid links about your site. They're
boring and since I am seething at your neglect I hardly care.
David Work (not seething) writes
Margaret Coady (beyond seething) writes
Here's my ranking:
She would later go on to indicate the second 'L' should not be a perfect 90 degree angle.
Marie Glancy (has never seethed) writes
It is, I'm sure, too late to vote, but I liked #3.. it
said to me more than any of the others, 'a robot did

So they're on the market in time for Christmas?

Tina Caruthers writes
Who are you? why are you always sending me email?
Tim Lake, Gray Hancock, Eleanor Lai, Courtney Munch, Ben Barnett
Response not yet received
Paul Boerner
Response received, but it was not appropriate for this forum.
A brief second round of correspondence did take place wherein I told Vladka that Kathy doesn't like the 'Z.' I told Kathy that Vladka doesn't like the second 'L.' I told William that Vladka thinks 'the positioning of (the second 'L') is good though.' I told Curt (author of several books on religion, see amazon link) that Tamasine thinks the 't' is too christian. I sent Tamasine (#2 all the way!) this email:

Marty Demarest (kcpx radio in seattle) thought #2 was the worst of all of them. What do you think about that?


Tamasine responds:
I think Marty Demarest is wrong. But we live in a world where bad taste is de rigueur.
I told Dorothy Lam (original author of the phrase 'legalize robots') that Maria doesn't like the word 'legalize,' and that in private, she has had even worse things to say about the word than that.
Maria had once written
are you sure you should make those robot stickers? i mean, sam brown's already at work spreading the robot meme. why don't you spread some other meme. why doesn't your site have a mascot? like the front monkey?
I attached this to the original email (above) and sent the package to
hi my name is sam,
i draw pictures, from your titles.
send me a title, or any thing else
you want to talk to me about to:
Sam Brown has never responded to my emails.
What have we learned from all this?
1. That Chicago is practically Cleveland, only better.
2. The Z was too perfect. The second L needs to not be 90 degrees.
3. Sam Brown is a punk.
4. We live in a world that has the word 'de rigeur' in it
Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about the second 'L.' He is now a successful film maker in Prague. When he's not scaring up threesomes with TBA and her sister, he's working on his latest project, a full color remake of Carol Reed's 1950's classic The Third Man. And Dorothy Lam? She's now dating a medical student from my alma mater. But don't worry, I told her congratulations and that I wasn't sure if it was the best thing for her.

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