Chat 2.0


kate: i have something funny I must tell someone or i'm going to explode
kate: literally
kate: i'm going to do the DB now, but first I will tell the funny thing to you

Jennifer: fire away

kate: so I've got this little balcony here and I put birdfeeders out
kate: but I also like the squirrels there's a little trio, a mom and two teenagers, that live on the roof
kate: they come down and eat the sunflower seeds
kate: they're not afraid of James anymore; they've figured out he won't do anything to them, so they don't mind if he's out there.
kate: but they're still skittish of me, especially the mother.  This makes me sad because I want to make them comfortable so they'll eat out of my hand.  I've done this before w/other squirrels, so i thought it was just a matter of time

kate: but so far, no go.  The best they'll do is not totally run away if they see me looking out the door
kate: EXCEPT
kate: that yesterday, i went out there after work and there were the two teenagers over on the brick part of the railing. sitting there eating sunflower seeds

kate: i had to go all the way out there because they'd knocked the top off the box I keep the seed in with their squirrel supermuscles
kate: i went out thinking that they'd jump into the tree like they normally do, and one did
kate: but the other one didn't move when he saw me coming he just kept snacking
kate: so I came inside and got a peanut butter cracker and went out there to see if he would take it
kate: I went over to him and without any warning, when I was about a foot away, he totally tried to kill me
kate: it was a total feint -- i'd seen him do it to his little brother, who's sort of a wuss
kate: but he did it to me!  He's so little but he got so crazy and jumped at me and then sat back like, Don't Step to Me!! and kept eating sunflower seeds
kate: I thought wow that's never happened and I was laughing and I thought that would scare him just the laughing, but it didn't, and when I tested him again by walking toward him, he did it again!

kate: Squirrel try kill me!
kate: It was hilarious.  Until I got bored and came inside.  But then today I went out there again and he was there again, only on the other railing, closer to the door.  He'd once again knocked the top off the box where I keep the seeds

kate: but I had to, you know, COME OUT OF THE DOOR to get out on the balcony to get to the box of seeds

kate: but he wouldn't let me!  This time he jumped and squeaked.  But the funniest thing ever is the way he goes all crazy with his arms flailing around and crazy coocoo squeaking at me with his fangs and claws, and then in a split second he's back on his haunches, placidly chewing seeds with his tiny little hands.  I was laughing so so hard

kate: The End