10:49:58 PM : System Connected with Abhishek_100282


10:49:58 PM Abhishek_100282: Thank you for the information.


10:49:58 PM Abhishek_100282: I will create a dispatch for you , this will take few minutes , please stay on line.


10:50:01 PM Kate: ok


10:50:06 PM Kate: take your own time


10:50:15 PM Kate: you've been a great help


10:50:28 PM Abhishek_100282 : You are most welcome ,


10:51:12 PM Kate: don't forget to say Happy Birthday America tomorrow if you talk to anybody from the US


10:51:13 PM Kate: :)


10:51:28 PM Kate


July 4 is our birthday of our country


10:51:47 PM Abhishek_100282: I know , that's a great day.


10:51:48 PM Kate: we explode things and play music loud and eat hot dogs


10:51:55 PM Kate: we get all crazy


10:53:02 PM Abhishek_100282: I can understand.


10:53:06 PM Kate: it was a sad day for India though -- we threw all the tea into the ocean


10:53:10 PM Kate: I'm sorry about that


10:53:23 PM Abhishek_100282: You must celebrate also.


10:53:28 PM Kate: sort of


10:53:40 PM Kate: you have an independence day, too, from Great Britain


10:53:47 PM Kate: don't you? what day is that? for India?


10:53:58 PM Abhishek_100282: Yes.


10:54:19 PM Kate: boo Great Britain! Yay India & USA!


10:54:30 PM Abhishek_100282: That is 15'th of August of every year.


10:54:36 PM Kate: no more colonial tyranny! etc.


10:54:39 PM Kate: I will remember that


10:56:49 PM Abhishek_100282: Thank you for staying on line..


10:56:55 PM Abhishek_100282: Kate , your reference number is XXXX, which can be used to check on the status of the shipment. Your order should arrive within 1-2 business days, provided the part is in stock. Inside the box you will find instructions advising you as to whether or not the part needs to be returned. If the part is a returnable item a pre-paid return waybill will be included.


10:57:20 PM  Kate: I've got it


10:57:26 PM Kate: and thank you


10:57:29 PM Kate: very much