haha. i've had a few problems that have arrived being irresponsible on the internet. nothing i've gotten into real trouble for or anything, but i have lost a few friends.


my problem with the internet are, apparently, flirtations of the past. which are why i deleted my dumb LJ that i've kept for years.




i haven't really let it die completely. during the day... i undelete it. and at night i delete it again.

not often enough to actually do anything with it, just enough to check up on things

and see who notices.


anyway. i've been found out. and every little thing that i've done wrong and cared to tell him about has been repeated to me as if i were being asked to repent all of my ungodly sins.


as far as flirting being an issue?

i think it's pretty harmless. it's not like i'm married.