mission accomplished.

although it was somewhat awkward. let me recreate. you= fly on wall watching girl walk up to counter.

girl: umm... so i have an unusual question to ask. my friend has a book that he told me to pick up here that the copies were not sold.
man: what's the name of the book?
girl: cold bacon or it's by cold bacon or something like that.
man: let's look together. here it is. (pick up 3 copies)
girl: umm... so he told me to take just one. others will be here for the others.

brief discussion amongst employees. yes it's ok to take the book as long as a note is written to other employee that it was taken not bought.

other employee: so he or she told you that it's ok to take the book?
girl: umm yeah. he i think it's a he said it was ok to take the book. really we've just been writing on the internet so i don't really know who cold bacon is. ummm yeah. (girl thinks that store employees think she is crazy bc most people don't admit to having conversations with unknown internet friends.)

yes, cb, some sort of treasure hunt or clever mission will be in order for u. but i must use my creativity.