LEgaliZe fOrUMs

I decided the forums needed to happen again. So I emailed some "friends" to see if they would be interested.

Josh Malamy
i don't object. i haven't been to the forum in a while, should take a look.

Kevin Moore
Iíll check it out this weekend!

Erin Casey
I will be posting... but I'm going to be offline for the next 2 weeks. Will emerge in a cornfield in mid-October... see you then.


Christy Leonardo

Okay, okay, a moment, I just moved to the deepest hole of hell.
Give me the weekend. I'll be taking care of Baby and staying in any damn
ways. Also, get careering

Dominic Pettman
hi will.
this looks thoroughly amusing.
i've fallen down one of those bottomless new york work holes. but will try to reemerge, register and post as soon as i can.
glad you're in better shape.

Marie Glancy
Got it - yes- but it will probably be a couple of days before I can: school has eaten my life! More soon.

Dear Will,

Posts to come. I'm in the midst of deadlines, whizzing by me like bullets.

I just got a long email from my grad school girlfriend, wondering if she should have married me instead of her husband. Twenty years ago, I'd have cheerfully killed him to get to her. At this point, however, I'd ask him to keep her under better control.

More soon--a deadline is heading swiftly toward the forehead of,


T. Ellis
yes, thanks, i know how the forum works. i've registered before. several times.

it is very difficult to not laugh when [high schoolers] invite me to things.

you're on the cusp of being that desperate.

Clare Elliott
I don't like the way that forum looks, i can't possibly post there

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