Fess Feedback

Thanks for a great site and a great page on Professor Longhair. Your site is exceptionally well created, interesting, and a nice tribute of how the world wide web of information can serve us all.
Very nicely done guys!! I love fess, and you have done him well. Good luck to you. I would love to see some sheet music if you can. I like to play lots of his stuff, but sometimes it's hard to hear his piano in the mix. - Joe 12/99

Like your page on Professor Longhair. I first heard him in the early sixties being played by Porky Chedwick (Hall of Fame D.J. from Pittsburgh, Pa). He played "Bald Head" very often and it became one of favorite tunes back then. I have a homage on Blues and would like to but a link to your page, if you don't mind. I have recently bought 2 Fess CD's from Amazon (both are very good). Again, your page on Old Fess is very informative.

I am glad to see that somebody still takes care of the "old School" guys. This is an outstanding web page to the man who is a musical inspiration to everybody.
Baton Rouge,

Professor Longhair