dear mr. or mrs.

although i found your "web page" vaguely amusing, i was quite offended by certain portions and think you should remove them. in particular, as a member of the poultry industry i SIMPLY believe your "bit" about there being too many types of eggs in the supermarket these days was way "off base". it SIMPLY won't do to have ignorant people like you out there misinforming the public. (as you can tell, i also thought your little piece about "simply" was rather fatuous. what we need is more descriptives, not less). As for the eggs, I see no reason why we poulterers should not offer A, AA, AAA, Large, Extra Large, Jumbo, white and brown to the purchasing public. To suggest we should not is SIMPLY slanderous. And I fail to understand what possible connection that has with local telephone carriers. That's not humor, that'sjust plain silliness.

in closing I feel that it is fair to warn you that I am in contact with my local poultry producers union representative, and considering legal action. Please ammend your page, in the name of farmers and chickens everywhere,

Mrs. Herbert LeKwack, Feebus, Iowa


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