I thought perhaps a quick tool around his site might shed some light. I could only hope to find an entire page devoted to interviews of himself conducted by various bulbs of brightness. Can you imagine my delight (and surprise) when I stumbled across this:
plagiarist: I interview myself. very amusing.
And another:
Curt: One of the topics that this relates to is that of life in what most of us still call the "Real" world. In an article I wrote on SpeechTherapy, (Death by Information) I approached the topic that I have difficulty slowing down enough to enjoy what life has to offer. I often find prolonged exposure to nothing more than my PC isolating, and I also feel isolation can breed contempt. I think this may be happening a lot on the Web today.

Curt: For myself, I try to balance my input and output. If it seems like I'm reading bulletin boards and designer news sites and surfing more than I'm making stuff, I'll go on an input fast and just hole up and build stuff until my output gets balanced with my input.
I think this is a good way of putting it. In fact, I'm beginning to be won over again, won over by Curt. Perhaps I should try emailing him again.