I almost forgot. I sent him this second email without waiting for a reply to the first, just in case he didn't think I was a total psycho.

From: Cold Bacon
To: Curt
Date: Friday, July 19, 2002 7:05 PM

more. just read your thing about song parts. very interesting. but i did not notice you acknowledge that these 'great moments' in songs would not be great without the buildup. buildup i say - it's necessary. you could even argue if you're talking about serious classical music - that the buildup somehow prepares you sub-consciously by logically moving toward that nicotine moment as it were - so w.out suffering the rest of the song leading up - you get less of the impact - now. you already knew all that. you just didn't write it. so i had to say it in this email.

now. i know you know wong kar-wai. and you know 'fallen angels'. now there are 2 scenes. one when he dumps his girl and walks away to power notes on cheesy electric guitar crescendoing as she collapses in the cheap/orange stairwell. that scene rocks. 2. the scene at the end, when she is going to 'ride pillion' and they start playing 'all i ever needed was the love you gave... la la la' . now that rocks too. but do i just pop in the dvd and fast forward to those scenes and not watch the whole movie. you bet i do.

okay. you're right, but still, not quite as much without the wait.