through this doorway, could he have traveled, and ended up with such marvelous devotion. but he, he chose the road more traveled.
The guy that made this website, among others, is named Curt Cloninger, a lyrical lilting name. If you read that link, you will see that he seems to have a bit of a, well, you'll see. And so I did go to his mother site. I found this essay entitled 'conceptual art sucks.' And as happens, I sort of got swept up by the moment. I sent him this email:

From: Cold Bacon
To: Curt
Date: Friday, July 19, 2002 6:33 PM

dude. your essay about why conceptual art sucks is sooooo cool. i love it love it love it. and i haven't even read the second part yet. anyhoo. i'll write more once i've read more of what you've written. i'll definitely have links and steer people to your site. here's my essay concerning internet writing/art/text (ignore the fact that i really know nothing about the subject)

ciao, bacon