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Dear Mr. Bacon,
I need your help! A few months ago I found this awesome website that had all these pictures of Pam Anderson nekkid except for these slices of cheese. It was great. I think they were taken by that guy from Warrant that she was married to. Anyway, it was so great, I stayed on it for hours and looked at all the pictures, which is unusual for me because I usually only look at some of them.

I didn't bookmark it, though, because I had just gotten on the InterNet and I didn't konw how to bookmark things yet then. I also didn't go back there for a while because I thought that I would be able to find lots of sights like that on the World Wide Web. But in the last few months I've never seen anything that good — the InterNet is filled with a lot of crap! I can't believe it! Arrgh! And now I've forgotten how I found the site with Pam Anderson and the cheese! Anyway, my buddy showed me how to do searchs with Yahoo and HotBot (I use yahoo because that's what I like about the InterNet: it makes me say Yahoo!), so I started doing searches for it. When I searched for "Pam Anderson cheese doof doof doof," I found your site, which looks a lot like the one I am looking for but I don't think its it. Do you have any naked pictures of Pam Anderson with slices of cheese? I couldn't find them.

I was hoping you could tell me if you were the Web site I am looking for. If you aren't, do you know the site I mean? I've emailed must be 50 people about it to see if they know where the site is and nobody will tell me! You should have seen the sites they send me to, though. But you seem like someone who would know, I think, from reading your Web site.

Dick Armbruster

PS I read your cheese section and I don't get it: are those things all cheese? There's about 50 kinds of cheese! I don't think there's that many kinds of cheese. I've never heard of them. I eat a lot of cheese, and I went to the store to try to find some of the things you talked about but I couldn't, and the guy in the store hadn't heard of them either. Are you just making them up? I don't think they're real. Also, if they are real, do you think there are any pictures of Pam Anderson with some of that Sottocenere on her? Mmmmm. Anyway, damn, I wish I had bookmarked that other site. 12/00
That was funny.

Monty Python and other chee-mail
A friend of mine worked for the Neal's Yard Dairy people for a couple of years (David Lockwood, who is now - and I'm not kidding here - an international cheese consultant. $1,200 a day plus expenses). They told him a story about when they first set up shop: They were right near the BBC TV Studios and they didn't have any cheese yet (they weren't actually open for business) but people would come in anyway. They of course told them that they didn't, er, actually have any cheese. The dates work out too.

I thought you might like the story (true or not).

-aaron headly 1/01 A Neal's Yard pointer:

This came from someone who was lured to my site by typing "How to Roast Garlic." The page in question, of course, had no information about roasting garlic whatsoever, a common practice at Coldbacon.
But, in my search for the roasted garlic recipe, I did find your very informative and funny section on cheese—which I loved. I do have to say that I disagree with you on the subject of fresh mozzarella. I think it is very tasky, and I love it with fresh tomatoes and fresh basil (plus balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper, and a touch of salt). Thanks for the cheese info.

From Shirley Anne Landis, Head Foodie "Shirley's Country Kitchen"
I write food features for a new online publication and I was really happy to find your cheese pages. You know, you were a breath of fresh cheese to speak. So many cheese people are, um, stuffy. Thanks again!

Other People Have Written:
enjoyed much of your information on cheese
i have been in the cheese business since (almost back to) birth
my questions is...why?
why have you gone through this work to keep me better informed?
I used to think I knew the answer to this. And now I'm not even sure if I do. And even if I did, I'm not even sure it's an answer I want to deal with. How's that?

I greatly enjoyed your "Truth about Cheese" page. Thanks for both the information and humor! — Cheryl Stapley

From: Tom Moore
Date: Monday, August 28, 2000 10:15 AM
To: bacon@
Subject: Goat Newsies


Just found your site and loved it. I've worked in several cheese shops in Ohio over the years. I've recently been shopping at a farmers market in NE Ohio and have found a farm that makes and sells their own chevre, goat feta, and "goatzarella." All have been great. It's hard to find homemade cheeses for sale in these parts.

Thought you might like to know — all the action isn't in New England! :)

Thanks again.


Well, I guess all the action isn't in New England then. But what I want to know is why do all these people named Pat or Joanna or Barb have email addresses like Tom Moore and Peter Knaublauch etc etc. What's all this then?

We love email from other web site authors. Web site authors count as much as 1.5 to 2.5 regular people.
Great Site, absolutely loved it.
How did you get so interested in Cheese?

Monyka Berrocosa-Marbach
"It's about enjoying life!"

From Matt
Interesting website.

Yellow text on grey background very difficult to read.

Coming soon - which is capable of providing
exclusive artisan produced cheeses from around the United Kingdon and
Ireland. We will keep you informed.



From Matt's brother in Talahassee (not really)
Sorry-I can't read your yellow catagory headers. They are the same value as the grey background and pretty much unreadable. Chris
The background should be white if you use Internet Explorer.

Excuse me cheese dude,

But can you tell me if it is ok to freeze cheese please?

It would settle an arguement at work.


And you didn't think Keanu Reeves could figure out how to use email.

More Cheeseback
Amazing. The best cheese profiles I could find on the net (checked about 20 sites) at a site called coldbacon.

Spoiled Ballet = prima ballerina trips while pirouetting during swan lake (lake Okeechobee).


kg 12/00

American Cheese
Ah, the tragedy of a life lived without exploring the cheesemakers art! Believe it or not, the list of american cheeses is not doomed to end at Velveeta. You might want to try "Cougar Gold", a aged cheese produced by the dairy department at Washington State University and sold to the public in limited amounts over the internet. Aged to the point that the calcium crystals provide a slight crunch, it is excellent. One strange point though, it comes in a can. Don't let that put you off, it is excellent.


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