OH, OK, I finally actually looked at the actual site. Itís quite cute. I didnít know how cute turtles were. I did know that frogs were cool though. My mother may have some more turtle art. I will check with her, but not right away. Also, Eloise from those Eloise books had a pet turtle that lived in the bidet at the Plaza. That is quite classic turtle material you could investigate.

There was a guy who had pet turtles in our neighborhood when I was a kid, big ones that lived in the backyard, not a bidet. He lived one block over so that our backyards were adjacent. Once the turtles burrowed into our backyard, it was quite exciting. We (the children) thought we had discovered wild turtles. The grown ups were afraid we would get...salmonella? I think. Some disease borne in turtle shells anyway.