WHAT? are today's college students another species?? maybe they're fulfilling their need for surprise and delight and pain in the same exact way: "ok, so i'm going to change coffee shops because i know that really hot guy always goes to that place on the corner, and maybe (manipulative? sure, who doesn't try to force serendipity once they get a taste of it?) and maybe, maybe, he'll like, notice me and then maybe he'll ask me out and then maybe we'll like, MAKE-out and then and then..."

i like how all this college dialogue so far, has been conducted in that foreign language of 'real' world vs. 'college' world. "oh you just wait until you're out of college and in the real world"  & '"It's because you're still there and you can't see the forest for the trees'' that's what they'll say, darling.  Why, i ask. what defines the "real" world? because if it's financial independence (strictly in the terms of making ends meet financially), well, been there done that (okay, still there). if it's experiencing like, "mature" things, like heartbreak and despair, oh jesus give me a break. that's old news.  is it about knowing what you want out of life? because doesn't that just change again by the time you hit 40? and then they call it a mid-life crisis.  haha! it's all just a cruel joke isn't it!!??  ha. ha. Ha.