Dear Yahoo,

I am extremely disgusted with the response you have provided regarding this billing problem I am having. I have been charged no less than 3 monthly fees for this domain hosting account which i had already attempted to cancel in talking with your customer support agents. i have called back 2!!! times and spoken with them since. and each time they say they fully agree that the service is to be cancelled and my account should be refunded the last 3 billing cycles since an attempt was made to reduce the service from web host to merely domain name. BUT they say they do not have authority to do this and have forwarded the issue to higher-ups in the managerial chain. well, it's been over 4 months now and i believe i am due a credit for those charges. and i even cancelled my credit card to prevent yahoo for still continuing this unfair and unwarranted billing. i am also considering filing a grievance with the better business bureau (if there is such a body) because this sort of unscrupulous business practice is egregious and must not go unrecorded. please pass this message on to you senior managers and allow them to look up my case, realize their gross malfeasance, credit my account, and feel bad. if this does not happen, i will be forced to pull the last of my remaining websites from yahoo (i've already removed 6 or 7 due to similar poor customer support) -- and then i will have to destroy the earth as well and cancel your favorite shows on NBC, yes, you know the ones.

paul penguin smith