Williams is a great school. They were our big rivals in water polo – I went to Dartmouth. What did you study?

I fix Java web applications for a living (nothing so redeeming as fixing bodies)… I am almost never in one city for more than three days, about as much time as it takes to get our software installed, find the major problems with the customer’s project, and get them back on track. I have not been home much in several months now. This is sometimes fun, and something anything but.

I would like to write full time someday, but for myself. Borges once said (in the m uth of a fictional writer) that being a reader is a far greater thing than being a writer. That said, I hunger for an audience, or maybe just an audience’s approval.

We have a lot in common don’t we? I am on the east coast right now, came from Jersey yesterday and am now in Atlanta. Back to SF on Sunday, then back to NYC on Wednesday… after that the future is cloudy. What are your days like? Doctoring looks like tough stuff.

Different D